Give a dap, get yo shit signed, and get live with your favorite artists, face to face. The Gathering is the spot to be to share words and create memories with the artists themselves, all in one place! Peep these dope augnograph signings and come prepared, with dope signable swag and stories to share.

  • Big Hoodoo and DJ Clay / Thursday 4 to 6pm
  • JCW / Friday Noon to 2pm
  • Insane Clown Posse / Friday 2 to 4pm
  • Lyte and Ouija / Friday 4 to 6pm
  • Dark Carnival Games / Saturday Noon to 2pm
  • ABK and Native World / Saturday 4 to 6pm

Carnival Rides

They’re baaaaack! Get ready to spin in a flash of colors, lights, and whimsy until the G-force takes its toll on your stomach and you...BBBUUUURRRRP! Pardon me, ninja, but hold on to your cotton candy cuz projectiles ain’t welcome on this ride! Don’t fuck it up for the rest of us as we glide in style on these super sweet, extra dope carnie thrill machines right in front of the Big Top Stage. Hold on tight, enjoy the show, and feel the breeze as you freak it and fly, riding in style! Complete with shady carnies and those extra questionable mechanics that only add to the excitement. Feeling adventurous?


Dark Carnival Tarot Readings

Every circus needs a fortune teller. And it’s no secret that our travelling, amazing, magnificent Dark Carnival is exceptionally blessed to host some of the most profound and prolific readers of our time—gifted seers dedicated to their shamanic practice, with the soul purpose of providing insight, counsel, and healing to our great and powerful Juggalo Family. Nestled beneath a tree in the heart of the Gathering grounds, enter the folds of the mystical tent of the Dark Carnival Tarot’s tribe of gypsy Juggalo wisdom keepers. Receive a tarot reading and contemplate the cards as incense and occult trinkets surround and prayers adorn you. And may the Carnival bless you, unfolding thy soul’s purpose and power as we Gather, surrounded by the supercharged energy that only Our Family can bring!


Juggalo Auction

Juggalos for sale, right here! Who’s the highest bidder? Man fuck that shit, don’t let the name of this event fool you. We would never dream of sellin’ out the fam! Instead, we’ll provide YOU with a platform to get paid by slangin all your ultra rare, exclusive, dope merch right here at the Juggalo Auction! Collectors rejoice! This is your spot to buy, sell, and trade all your freshest, rarest collectable items and swag. Want to sell some items? Just bring them to the Seminar Tent, where they will be tagged and put on display (you decide the starting bid). The Gathering staff will be running things but won’t be taking a cut. Get paid, homie! Want to buy some items? Then come correct and score some coveted, rare flavor! Keep in mind that this auction accepts either cash or in some cases PayPal (depending on the seller). Trading and bartering is also encouraged.


Psychopathic Auction

It’s time to win big as Psychopathic Records opens its ultra obscure, triple ultra locked down, laser-beam-and-rabid-dog-guarded vaults to unveil the rarest, freshest, craziest swag you’d ever dream of getting your hands on. Bid until your heart’s content as you secure your spot to win an ultra rare and coveted item from the one and only label that runs beneath the streets! One of the highlights of the Gathering each year, come witness the spectacle or come correct, ready to ball out with rare gems from the vault, complete with signed certificates of authenticity. Bring your own armored truck so you can roll out in style with your haul, to the oohs and ahhs of the crowd. And all for a good cause! 25% of the proceeds will go to the Juggalo owned and operated Scrub Care Unit, serving Juggalos and good folks everywhere via charity drives, disaster relief efforts, and other dope super ninja endeavors. Whoop whoop!

Check out the auction items.


Dope announcements. Devastating flavor. Surprise guests. Free giveaways. And pure fucking motivation! Post up a chair, smoke somethin, and get schooled! It’s all here when the underground’s finest hit the stage and address the Gathering, sharing their innermost thoughts and experiences, answering questions, and giving you the low down on what’s about to go down. Straight from the artists themselves, it’s the notorious GOTJ seminars, where anything is bound to happen and crowd stays wild and laughin. Whoop whoop!

  • Violent J’s Motivational Speech / Thursday 2 to 3pm
  • ABK / Thursday 4 to 5pm
  • Big Hoodoo / Friday 4 to 5pm
  • Insane Clown Posse / Saturday 2 to 3pm
  • Lyte & Ouija Macc / Saturday 4 to 5pm