The Neden Game

Thursday: 3:30–4:30pm

Luv Rising Stage

Enter the realm of Bizarro World! Flow artists and poi spinners, freakshows, tarot readers, costumed dancers, an interactive flaming dancefloor, and so much more! Enter the revelry and excitement! Join in and be a part of the magic, bringing your own flavor to be part of the greatest show running all night long in the woods as revel near the fireside! Come bear witness to the spectacle that has come to be known as the Heart of the Gathering. During this Gathering, Luv Rises from the Ash like the Spirit of the Butterfly–and Bizarro World is here to fan the flames of the Juggalo Family’s phoenix flight! Whoop whoop!

Flow Master Rap Battle

Thursday: 5–6pm

Luv Rising Stage

Are you ready to see just how good your raps really are? Here is where verbal assassins gather in a competition that will put their rap abilities to the ultimate test! It is a mental warfare of creativity, skill, and confidence, with the ultimate casualties being that of pride, dignity, and humility. Many will stand upon the staged arena but only one will remain in the end as the champion of MCs…. Could this be you? For this contest, rappers will first freestyle for 30 seconds to a provided beat. Those deemed worthy by the judges will then move into an elimination style battle, where two rappers at a time will compete directly against each other. In the end, there can be only one! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque & $300 in cash; 2nd Place—$100 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 gift certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins.


Friday: 5–6pm

Luv Rising Stage

Cascading Faygo glistening in the afternoon sun, as it pours over curvaceous twerk-a-licious Juggalette hotties…it just doesn’t get any better than this! Join your host Clownvis and the Monster Dolls as they take you on a joy-filled bouncy ride along the raunchy wet highway of unadulterated fun! You ready for your adrenaline to kick into overdrive? Then come witness this carbonated chaos-filled spectacle that remains one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. Prizes: 1st Place—$300 in Cash; 2nd Place—$200 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$100 Gift Certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins with a white t-shirt, if possible. A private dressing room will be provided.


Saturday: 3:30–4:30pm

Luv Rising Stage

This is a spectacle the likes of which will need to be seen to be believed. Come witness a parade of costumed visionaries who have transformed themselves into the embodiment of their wildest (and wickedest) imaginations. Here you will see everything from a sword-wielding ninja giraffe to a blood-splattered Santa “Claws” with a gift bag of severed body parts. This is one of the greatest traditions at the Gathering each year and is a wonderful way to showcase the amazing talent and imagination that our family has to offer. Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque & $100 gift certificate; 2nd Place—$100 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 gift certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins. A private dressing area will be provided.


Saturday: 5–6pm

Luv Rising Stage

This often-hilarious trivia game show will test the entire span of your Juggalo knowledge and then some! Each round, three contestants will attempt to answer trivia questions in order to earn points. For every correct question answered, the winner will get to draw a giant card to either add it to their hand to try to get to 21 or give it to an opponent’s hand to bust them out! Whoever is still standing in the end wins! Want to put your Juggalo knowledge to the test? Then come on down! Prizes: There will be 2 games and 2 sets of winners.1st place—2XL Milenko or Yum Yum Bedlam Hockey Jersey and a chance to win up to a $100 Gift Certificate in the bonus round.