Other Flavor

Psychopathic Auction

Thursday: 12:30pm–1:30pm

Luv Rising Stage

Some of the rarest and most treasured items, unearthed from deep within Psychopathic’s vault, are being submitted during this auction for your approval. Every item starts at a low bid, so if you’re lucky you might just walk away with a dope item for mad cheap! This remains one of the hypest events at the Gathering each year, as the energy in the crowd during an intense bid becomes straight up electric! This is war muddafacko…make no mistakes about it. Bring your A game or get crushed, son! Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove the item is 100% too legit to quit. Also, 15% of the earnings will go to a random Juggalo who won a bid during the auction! That means YOU could win BIG. How about THAT! See the next spread for a full list of the items!

Dark Carnival Tarot Readings

Thursday thru Friday: Midnight–4am

Bizarro world

As you pass an ancient tent nestled on the edge of the dark woods, candlelight filters from within through a narrow opening. As the light flickers across the forest floor, you can almost discern stretched ethereal shapes in the shadows, as they perform a slow macabre dance of the dead. You step closer, drawn from an otherworldly presence that pulls at the very fabric of your being. It whispers your name, which softly echoes in the deepest recesses of your mind where your deepest dreams reside. The laughter and music fade around you as you watch the walls of the tent expand as if breathing in. Compulsively, your hand reaches out and pulls the worn canvas to the side. Then slowly your mouth pulls back aghast in amazement, as your widening eyes lay witness to your destiny incarnate!

Juggalo Auction

Friday: Noon–3pm

Luv Rising Stage

Going once, going twice…sold to these nuts on your chin! That’s right, during this auction you can sell anything you want. All you have to do is show up anytime after 11am with any items you would like to put up for bid. Psychopathic will have a team in place to tag your items, put them on display, and when the time comes, auction them off from the stage. The best part is that this service is free…you get to keep 100% of the money you make! Keep in mind that this auction accepts cash only or in some cases PayPal, depending on the seller. This is also a great opportunity for all ninjas to simply trade items with one another.


Friday: Noon–3pm

Luv Rising Stage

Kick back and relax at the Juggalo Auction with the homies of the Psychopathic Records Street Team, enjoying a barbecue feast that’s being grilled up for your snacking pleasure! It’s all going down Friday afternoon at the Luv Rising Stage. Chill in the shade and grab a bite with all your Psychopathic Records Street Team homies, holding it down for the Hatchet and a plate for your snackage. Summer BBQ—What’s good homie? It’s a Family reunion up in this piece, and you know that barbeque on point when the Juggalo Family is in the house! Join the Street Team for a Family feast under the Luv Rising Tent! Saturday from noon til 3pm—stop by anytime for free food and Faygo. Because that’s just how we do!


Friday: 3:30–4:30pm

Luv Rising Stage

Join infamous Juggalo superstar Chris Hansen as he joins the Juggalo Family for a special afternoon of extra special flavor! It’s the first-ever “To Catch a Predator” seminar at the Gathering of the Juggalos! Listen to the man himself as he kicks it with the Juggalo Family and gives us a special glimpse and behind-the-scenes look at his life’s work taking out the trash of society with three simple words: “Have a seat.” You don’t want to miss this one, Juggalos! Have a seat with Chris Hansen, Saturday afternoon, only at GOTJ!