Side Shows

Bizarro World

Thurs-Fri Night: Midnight to 4am, Bizarro World

Enter the realm of Bizarro World! Flow artists and poi spinners, freakshows, tarot readers, costumed dancers, an interactive flaming dancefloor, and so much more! Enter the revelry and excitement! Join in and be a part of the magic, bringing your own flavor to be part of the greatest show running all night long in the woods as revel near the fireside! Come bear witness to the spectacle that has come to be known as the Heart of the Gathering. During this Gathering, Luv Rises from the Ash like the Spirit of the Butterfly–and Bizarro World is here to fan the flames of the Juggalo Family’s phoenix flight! Whoop whoop!

Peep This Shit Stage

Thursday Afternoon: 2-3pm, Luv Rising Stage

The blacklights are lit and the Juggalo Fam is in the house! If you want to take the stage to showcase a talent to the Juggalo Family, then here is your chance to shine. With a professional sound system, sound ninja and microphones, you will be heard far and wide throughout the Gathering grounds. So, feel free to rap, sing, tell jokes, play an instrument, dance or whatever your Juggalo heart desires. This is a perfect opportunity for novices and masters alike to drop them bombs on em as you rock the mic at the Gathering!


Saturday Afternoon: 12:30-2pm, Luv Rising Stage

Get ready for excitement and danger, thrills and chills, and dangerous and death-defying stunts and spills, as this show of epic proportions hits the Luv Rising Stage with the aim to push your wig clean off your skull in amazement! Watch as these insane pros perform highly volatile and off-the-wall stunts, doing what they do best, as they kick it with the Juggalo Fam in a Gathering performance that is sure to be one for the books. Action, danger, excitement, and potentially lethal shit…That’s just how a Juggalo do on a Saturday afternoon, homie! Especially at GOTJ—You know how we get down! Warning: When we say this is the World’s Most Dangerous Stunt Show, we mean it. You have got to see this! Get ready for the insanity, the excitement, and most of all the fucking DANGER as the daredevils of the World’s Most Dangerous Stunt Show hit the Luv Rising Stage Saturday! Only at GOTJ!