An important change has been made to how The Gathering tickets work this year versus years previous. We want to make sure that everyone has no issues getting their tickets, so to eliminate the problem of physical tickets being lost in the mail, we are switching to a digital format! Whenever you purchase a ticket for the Gathering, you will be emailed a QR Code for that ticket. You can then either print it out to be redeemed at the box office at the Gathering, or simply show the QR code on your phone. It is very important that you do not share this QR code with anyone (especially online).

Besides that, nothing has changed. The cost of your Gathering ticket covers all your festival expenses. Concerts, parties, seminars, contests, wrestling, sideshows, rides, camping, parking, showers, and more! Over the course of 23 years The Gathering has cemented itself as a music festival unlike anything else the world has ever seen and is now considered a certified phenomenon. Fully independent and free from corporate interference, the Gathering is a one-of-a-kind experience!  However, the real magic lies in its place as the national heartbeat of the Juggalo movement, and this year we’re showing the planet that Juggalos are truly something out of this world!

Are you a performer interested in playing The Gathering? Got an idea for an event you would like to put on? Are you just a super helpful ninja looking to lend a hand? Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]


Also, please keep in mind the following safety rules when attending the Gathering:

No Golf Carts, Minibikes, or other Motorized Vehicles

Due to safety-related problems that have occurred during Gatherings in the past, no golf carts or motorized vehicles will be allowed inside Legend Valley for any reason (pedal bikes are still allowed). Those with disabilities will be allowed to bring in ADA electric scooters or wheelchairs, and we will also have a special golf cart taxi service to help those with disabilities get around the park. (Please ask for the ADA taxi phone number at the Box Office or Info Booth.) Please see the ADA Accommodations section under General Info for further insight.

No Fireworks

Due to the number of trees at Legend Valley and the time of the year that the Gathering is taking place, absolutely no fireworks will be permitted inside the park. All cars entering the grounds will be searched to make sure this is adhered to. Those setting off fireworks inside the grounds will have their fireworks confiscated and be given a warning. If caught a second time, they will be required to leave the property.