JCW Events

JCW’s Wrestling Bizarre

Thursday Night: 1am to 4am

Oddities, freaks, creatures from the dark… Get ready for the absurd and disturbing as JCW presents a journey into the unknown, completely out your atmosphere! It’s a little trip into the wicked realm only known as…the Bizarre! With the crazy and unbelievable matches that only Juggalo Championship Wrestling can bring, JCW’s Wrestling Bizarre is here to astound and amaze all you boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, Juggalos and Juggalettes, bearded ladies and freakshows—Come one, come all! Step right up and witness death-defying feats as the strongmen and oddities of JCW’s Wrestling Bizarre go toe-to-toe, head-to-head, and fist-to-jaw for your sheer amusement and amazement! This is the Wrestling Bizarre, as only JCW can bring! And your ticket is absolutely free, right here at the Gathering! Step right up and be amazed!

Bloodymania 14: Legends of JCW

Friday Night: 1am to 3am

At this point, after its decades of legendary matches and promotions, battles and beatdowns, countless shows and matchups in the ring, hardcore and death-defying marvels and stunts, you have to give it up for the powerhouse of the wrestling world that is Juggalo Championship Wrestling. We’re talking about JCW! J-C-Fuckin-Dub! World famous and acclaimed, this shit is strictly for the Juggalos, with a cast and crew of insane Juggalo wrestlers who rep the Hatchet with pride as they carry the legacy and legend of the mighty and grand tradition of JCW wrestling. This show will celebrate the greats of JCW—past, present, and future—in a showcase of stars and legends of JCW lore. Get ready to go way back and then whip around again, as your dome flips in a 360-degree arc of freshness, twirling like a moonsault from the top rope. Get slapped on the mat before you know it—JCW flavor is about to come through and bomb on you like a monsoon. Boom! It’s Bloodymania 14: Legends of JCW! Be there!