JCW Events

JCW's Battle of the Sexes

War of the Sexes!!! Women vs. Men Wrestling Spectacular!! It’s the battle of the sexes like you’ve never before seen it—let’s settle this shit once and for fucking all...in the JCW ring at the Gathering of the Juggalos!! Amazon warriors face off against Trojan Titans in this night of gladiatorial style epic matchups! Juggalo against Juggalette—It’s going to be a night of InterGender wrestling matches that you will never forget! Headlined by an “Until Death Do We Part Match!” featuring the ultimate bloody battle between Husband and Wife!!!!! Come see it live as the sweat pours and estrogen and testosterone collide in a volatile Molotov cocktail style combination!!!! Root for your team and bear witness to the amazing spectacle—just steer clear of them tender titties and testicles.


Oddball Wrestling

Bizarre, Bloody, Violent, Strange, Weird, and Hilarious are all words to describe what happens when the JCW Booking Committee stays up all night drinking Vodka Red Bulls and Jaeger Bombs to put together the most ODDBALL assortment of wrestlers and matches EVER SEEN by Juggalo eyeballs. Take a demented ride with some of the most memorable and controversial matches in all of wrestling history as Oddball Wrestling crosses every line of decency and morality to bring you a spectacle the likes of which you will never forget!


Bloodymania 12

This is the bomb! Juggalo Championship Wrestling’s biggest show of the year!!!  The crown jewel of independent wrestling on the planet, with DJ CLAY on the wheels of steel, and Shaggy 2 Dope and KG Kevin Gill on LIVE commentary!!! Legends will be born, bodies will be destroyed, babies will be conceived nearby, blood will flow like Faygo, and wrestlers will fly through the air like human missiles doing whatever it takes to steal the show and own the spotlight in front of the FRESHEST audience on the planet. WHOOP WHOOP!!!