Side Shows


Bizarro World

Hosted By: R.I.F.T. (Rhythmic Illusion Fire Tribe)

Come hither my wayward friends to experience the wonderment of spirits set free to dance. It’s a place where reality fades like the distant memory of lost virtues, while dreams take their first breath of life as subtle as the current created by a butterfly’s wings. This cove of jovial madness is where artists express the beauty of the soul through fire breathing, spinning, fortune telling, juggling, poetry, illusion, stilt walking, and sheer imagination. Can you hear the drums that provide the heartbeat to the rhythm of the night? It’s a calling to anyone who wishes to join in with whatever talent they wish to share. So stop by to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes and what awaits you on the other end.

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FreakShow Deluxe

Something horrific this way comes in the form of this sinister carnival troupe out of Hollywood, California. They are as real as it gets when it comes to the sideshow dark arts and have come to bring their grotesque theater to the Gathering! You will witness such gut-churning acts as sword swallowing, knife throwing, skin suspension, bed of blades, contortions, chainsaw stunts, electric wonder, pincushion, pierced weight lifting and bulb eating, all with a little burlesque thrown in on the side. It’s as wicked as it gets, and just when you think it can’t get any worse…it does!




The Hooded Magician

This full-on magic show is brought to you by one of the most gifted masters of illusion ever known. He simply goes by the moniker of The Hooded Magician. His R-rated show is not for those with a weak disposition, for you will see people maimed, tortured, and pulled apart all for the sick and utter amusement of it all. Always pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, people have been known to walk away midshow due to the offensive nature of his act. His brand of entertainment has been labeled as offensive, disturbing, gross, shocking, sick, and horrifying to name a few. Call it what you will—there is no denying what it truly is and that’s pure adult entertainment.



Peep This Shit

During the times allotted for Peep This Shit, anyone can get up on stage and perform for up to 10 minutes at a time. We’re talking about a professional sound system, 2 mics, and a sound crew to keep your flavor crispy. Music can be played from a variety of devices or a beat can be provided for you. Here is your chance to rap, sing, dance, play an instrument, or whatever the fuck you want. Seeing as the stage is located in the heart of the Gathering, there are sure to be some ninjas in attendance. If nothing else, you can have someone record that shit as proof that you performed at the GOTJ17!



Psychopathic Radio Live!

Hosted by Wolfpac and the Wolfpac girls

This infamous live broadcast is sure to give you a contact buzz just by watching it at home! Brought to you by your homies Wolfpac and the beautiful Wolfpac Girls is this show that Juggalos talk about with anticipation all year round. You will not only see surprise guest appearances, bizarre and somewhat dangerous competitions (for prizes), wardrobe and body oil malfunctions, but also plenty of gratuitous sex, violence, and peanut brittle. After just a few min of watching this, you’re gonna be like WTF, SMH, & LMAO, but if you somehow miss all the flavor, then it STBY.



Skydiving Exhibition

These aerial stunt masters will be periodically dropping in high above the Gathering grounds to spiral their way downward while trailing plumes of colorful smoke. If you can manage to stay relatively beneath them, it may be to your benefit, because they will be dropping mystery bundles of GOTJ17 merchandise for whoever is lucky enough to get to them first. So when you start to hear the slight hum of the plane as it passes overhead at 15,000 feet, start to look upward because you will be in for a great skydiving show and perhaps some free merchandise!