Other Flavor


Various Times / Autograph Tent

The entire roster of Psychopathic artists as well as other underground stars will be dropping in and out of this tent at various times to sign autographs and take pictures with their Juggalo homies. So come on through to give a dap, take a dap, or get blown back with one of your favorite artists and share a few words with those you have always wanted to meet but may have never had the chance to. Check the timeline to find out when your favorite artists will be stopping by.


Carnival Rides

Wednesday to Saturday: 2pm–12am / Near the Diamond Stage

What would a festival be without a selection of carnival rides that tickle—or turn—your tummy? Buckle your seatbelt, hold onto the bar, and be whisked away back to your childhood by the carnival rides of your youth!



Dark Carnival Tarot Readings

Wednesday to Friday Night: 11pm–4am / Bizarro World

The irresistible pull of Dark Carnival magic beckons you forth as you heed the call of the mystic fortune teller. Enter the folds of the otherworldly gypsy tent, a respite from the lights, maddening laughter, and flashes of the circus chaos that ensue all around you. Here you will find a contemplative space, shrouded in incense, occult trinkets, candlelight, dazzling crystal visions, and the ancient art of cartomancy. Do you believe in magic? Then dare to return the steady gaze of the gypsy as her cards reveal the innermost mysteries of thy Juggalo soul.


Extreme Water Slides

Wednesday to Saturday: Noon–8pm / Loon Lake

One of the most exhilarating things to do at the Gathering grounds this year is to take a plunge on one of the three gigantic waterslides that each end in a ramp at various angles, with each one more ruthless than the next. Come and see if you are brave enough to stand atop the tall tower and launch yourself hurtling down the slide at extreme speeds. Or simply watch from the safety of the beach as you see ninjas catapult into the air as they flip head over heels to finally be power bombed into the water below!


Juggalo Auction

Friday: Noon–3pm / Seminar Tent

During this auction, you can attempt to auction off whatever rare Juggalo-related merch you have to a crowd of your Juggalo peers. Just bring whatever items you have to the Seminar Tent on Friday starting at 11am (auction starts at noon), where they will be tagged and put on display (the auctioneer will help you come up with a price). The Gathering staff will run the auction but will not take a cut of the sales. Keep in mind that this auction is cash only (in some cases PayPal will be accepted depending on the seller). This auction is also a great time to simply trade items with other collectors. 


Row Boating

Wednesday to Saturday: Noon–8pm / Loon Lake (Boating Dock)

Take a cruise on Loon Lake in one of these rowboats as you relax in the summer sun and take in the scenic view of the Gathering grounds from an all-new perspective. Just stop by the boating dock of Loon Lake, where attendants will help you get strapped into life vests and equipped with your boat and oars (as long as they remain available) and then send you on your merry way. Please do not bring your own boat.



Wednesday to Saturday: Noon–8pm / Loon Lake

Come and enjoy a cool refreshing dip in one of the crystal blue lakes located right in the middle of the scenic Gathering grounds. Lifeguards will be on hand to ensure everyone’s safety. There’s even rumors of a small Juggalo island that appears at certain times of the year all the way out in the deep end. It could just be speculation, but then again maybe not.


Wake Zone Water Park*

Wednesday to Saturday: Noon–8pm / Wake Zone Water Park

No boat needed at the Wake Zone, a unique water sports park designed for wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, or wakeskating. Whether you are an experienced athlete or it’s your first time strapping into a wakeboard, the Wake Zone is the perfect place for you. The experienced staff will get you on the water in no time. The cable system can pull up to 7 participants at the same time. No appointment needed to wakeboard. Just show up! The overhead cable system runs in a continuous counterclockwise motion, allowing riders to enjoy a nonstop water sports adventure. After a rider falls, it’s just a quick swim to shore and a walk back to the dock, and you’re ready for another go! Check out www.lostlakesamp.com for pricing.*

*Note: the Wake Zone is operated by the venue. Admission isn't included with your Gathering ticket.