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Here is your opportunity to meet some of your favorite artists face to face to get an autograph, take a photo, give a pound and share a few words. The Gatherings are unique because so many artists are on the grounds all at the same time, so take advantage of these many autograph signings while you have the chance. Especially if you have yet to ever meet one of your all-time favorites. That’s what’s crackin!!!


 Carnival Rides


These free carnival rides are for everyone to enjoy, from the simple Farris Wheel to the screaming-for-your-life Kamikaze!  There’s nothing like those shoulder bars locking into place as you sweat out those last few moments before takeoff. Then as the ride jerks to life causing your stomach to drop you begin to feel the wind as

you slowly ascend into the air. Your adrenalin starts pumping as you struggle to regain your senses but the ride just keeps going faster and faster and faster…until the world is a dizzying visage of blurred colors permeated with the screams of rides giddy victims.



Dark Carnival Tarot Readings


Come hither into the folds of this mystic tent as dim candlelight flickers within, tempting you with its dark mystery. Its interior is warming to the senses as occult-like trinkets adorn the walls, fragrant incense smoke drifts upon the thick air, and a fire ignites deep within your soul. There sits the Dark Carnival Gypsy, at an ancient wooden table. You feel her steady gaze upon you that seems to pass through you as she beckons you forward with her otherworldly hand. You have come for one purpose--because the need to explore thy innermost Juggalo Soul has overpowered all logic. Do you dare to gaze upon Gypsy's cards of tarot? You may get more than you bargained for, my friend.


Juggalo Auction & Swap Meet


For this auction anyone can submit their rare merch (ICP, Twiztid, Tech N9ne etc.) to be auctioned off to the crowd. If interested just bring your items to the Seminar Tent on Friday between 10am - Noon, where they will be tagged and put on display (you decide the starting bid). The Gathering staff will be running things but won’t be taking a cut. Keep in mind that this auction accepts either cash or in some cases PayPal (depending on the seller). This event also marks the official GOTJ spot to trade items with other collectors. So make sure to stop by because you may just walk away with some super dope flavor on the cheap.


Psychopathic Auction


Check out this years auctions items HERE!

Back by overwhelming demand is this off-the-chain event! No one really knows why the crowd gets so wild when a bidding war ensues but it happens all the same. Perhaps it’s due to the ultra-rare Psychopathic items being auctioned (all with a starting bid of $1). Perhaps it’s due to the crowd’s consumption of too many chemical substances. Perhaps it’s due to the thrill of crushing a rival bidder’s hopes and dreams. Whatever the reason you’re gonna wanna be here to see this for yourself! Cash and credit are accepted and letters of authenticity will be presented with each item won. This year 25% of the proceeds will be donated to a Juggalo homie Joe Mekan who's goal is to undergo surgery to help reverse his paralysis.  You can learn more about Joe and his journey at https://www.gofundme.com/jx396efg



seminars gotj

GOTJ seminars allow you to delve into the inner thoughts of some of the most reputable artists in the underground world. To the point, you will be able to hear their personal stories firsthand while also afforded the opportunity to ask whatever you wish. Some of the most ground breaking announcements have been made during these intimate encounters which also have been known to feature surprise guest and free giveaways! So make sure you stop by to kick it with your homies, cause opportunities like this are all too rare. 




Here you will find a wide assortment of various vendors at the Gathering (such as tattoo, smoke, and art shops) including a huge selection of Psychopathic Merch supplied to you via HatchetGear. Everything from rare to exclusive GOTJ merch (such as Wizard of the Hood merch) will be on hand. Also available will be Violent J’s Behind the Paint audio book and the Into the Echoside Card Game which are both debuting at this year’s Gathering. You will also find merch from all the artists playing on the Big Top and Carousel stages, all in this expansive and super fresh Merch Bazaar.  


Zip Lining


With this fun ride, you will be able to rope slide from the top of the main hill near the Seminar Tent all the way down into the bowl shaped valley near the Big Top Stage. Just let the operators help you secure the harness form atop their 35-foot tower, and then hold on tight as the gates are opened, allowing you take the leap of faith to speedily slide all the way down in mere seconds. Though very exciting, this can also be a terrifying experience, so think twice before you climb that tall tower to look down that line at your distant destination, which rest hundreds of feet beneath you!