JCW Events

Exotic Ladies of Wrestling

Forget anything you ever thought about the so-called "fairer sex"--the bloodthirsty sirens of Exotic Ladies of Wrestling are out to kick ass, break bones, and take no prisoners! This ultimate display of pummeling pussycats is always a crowd pleasing good time, featuring sexy hotties in the squared circle all trying to kill each other. What could be more fun to watch? Come enjoy the ultimate girl fight spectacle...only at Gathering 18!

Lama Nama Lucha Libre

Taking its name from Lama Namaneumi, the great Juggalo wrestler featured in the legendary "Stranglemania" video from way back in the day, this action-packed event of Mexican luche libre-style wrestling features mysterious masked brawlers from parts unknown performing gravity-defying acrobatics and agonizing submission holds all for your viewing pleasure! Prepare to be dazzled by the great grapplers of Lama Nama Lucha Libre! Ole!

Bloodymania 11

The annual grand finale of JCW sports entertainment at the Gathering, this is the main event you've been waiting for! Hosted by Kevin Gill and Shaggy 2 Dope, this no-holds-barred extravaganza is where anything can happen in the ring...and usually does! Prepare for blood, pain, agony, and all the other dope ass things that make Bloodymania such a beloved Juggalo Gathering tradition. Brace yourself...the carnage is about to begin at Bloodymania 11!