Legend Valley has become our second home and it’s the perfect setting for the dreamscape of the Gathering of Dreams to unfold. It provides over 130 acres of festival grounds including a brand new 10-acre wooded campground area. As always the cost of your Gathering ticket covers all your festival expenses, with no additional fees. Everything from parking, showers, concerts, parties, seminars, contests, wrestling sideshows, rides and more are all covered by the one-time cost of your ticket. With no corporate sponsorship the Gathering is free to do whatever we want because we answer to no one. It also remains the longest running independent rap festival in the world and is the perfect place to hold the Greatest Family Reunion the world has ever seen!

This year is truly unique because Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jumpsteady and the Juggalos have each been given a day of the Gathering where they alone get to decide all the entertainment you will see! From the artists performing, to the shows, to the parties and whatever else they can imagine! Also the Gathering is proud to announce an ICP concert unlike anything you have ever experienced before! Its ICP’s Super Mix Juggalo Juke Box Show, where they will perform a concert composed of songs that have never been performed live before! So get ready for a truly bizarre and unique experience as it’s time for everyone’s dreams to come true!  If you have any events you would like to put on at the Gathering or would like to perform, then write in to [email protected]. For now, feel free to peruse this website which will be updated in the following months as we continually announce the performers, late-night parties, wrestling events, competitions, seminars, and much more. Until then make sure you also check out the ticket site here, as tickets are now on sale!

Also, please keep the following safety rules when attending the Gathering this summer.

No Golf Carts, Minibikes, or other Motorized Vehicles

Due to safety-related problems that have occurred during Gatherings in the past, no golf carts will be allowed inside Legend Valley for any reason. Those with disabilities will be allowed to bring in ADA electric scooters or wheelchairs, and we will also have a special golf cart taxi service to help those with disabilities get around the park. (Please ask for the ADA taxi cell phone number at the Box Office or Info Booth.) Please see the ADA Accommodations section under General Info for further insight.

No Fireworks

Due to the number of trees at Legend Valley and the time of the year that the Gathering is taking place, absolutely no fireworks will be permitted inside the park. All cars entering the grounds will be searched to make sure this is adhered to. Those setting off fireworks inside the grounds will have their fireworks confiscated and be given a warning. If caught a second time, they will be required to leave the property.