Regarded by many to be one of the greatest Gathering locations of all time, we are happy to return to our second home in Thornville Ohio! With over 120 acres of beautiful campgrounds nestled within the forest trees is the festival park that we have come to know and love. Legend Valley is the perfect place to celebrate our family reunion. Though this year will see a slightly scaled-down version of the Gathering due to the limited time putting it all together, it also promises to be a more intimate and unique experience, especially due to the fact that it features the concert we have all been waiting to see…none other than ICP’s Bizaar / Bizzar show!!! As we rise from the ash of a difficult time, get ready for a calling home to our family that has been waiting for a chance to Gather once more.

For now, go ahead and check out this website, but keep in mind that only a small portion of the flavor is currently posted. In the following months, we will be continually announcing performers, late-night parties, wrestling events, competitions, seminars, and much more. Make sure you also check out the ticket site here, as tickets are on sale now!

Also, please keep in mind that there are some fundamental differences to this year’s Gathering due to safety concerns. The most important of these are listed below:

  • No Golf Carts, Minibikes, or other Motorized Vehicles
    Due to safety-related problems that have occurred during Gatherings in the past, absolutely no golf carts will be allowed inside Legend Valley for any reason. Those with disabilities will be allowed to bring in ADA electric scooters or wheelchairs, and we will also have a special golf cart taxi service to help those with disabilities get around the park. (Please ask for the ADA taxi cell phone number at the Ticket or Info Booth.) Please see the ADA Accommodations section under General Info for further insight.
  • No Fireworks
    Due to the number of trees at Legend Valley and the time of the year that the Gathering is taking place, absolutely no fireworks will be permitted inside the park. All cars entering the grounds will be searched to make sure this is adhered to. Those setting off fireworks inside the grounds will have their fireworks confiscated and be given a warning. If caught a second time, they will be required to leave the property.