ICP’S ALIEN PROBE ADVENTURE (Thursday & Friday Night)


Join ICP as they explore a secluded area of Ohio’s deep woods known to be a UFO hotspot! With over 130 sightings of UAP’s within the last 6 months and almost a dozen firsthand accounts of alien abductions, this expedition is bound to run into extraterrestrial trouble of the third kind! ICP will be your guides, as they are joined by the illusive Kernal Chode the Ecuadorian Minister of Air Defense, on an hour-long hay wagon expedition, with a mission to unravel this mysterious ET phenomenon. Will you have an otherworldly encounter that could result with your orifices being probed? If you are lucky enough to land one of the few tickets for this epic adventure, you may just find out! With this adventure you will also receive:

  • A gift bag containing the following collectibles:
    • Alien Probe Adventure Laminated Pass
    • ICP’s “Wicked Clowns from Outer Space” Collectible CD Single (300 made)
    • UFO Hatchetman Amulet
    • Hatchet Spaceman Hat Pin
    • GOTJ Alien Green Glowstick
  • A quick Meet-and-Greet experience with ICP just before the adventure begins.
  • The privilege of participating in the Faygo Armageddon Saturday Night during the climax of ICP’s set on the main stage!

Tickets are limited and are purchased based on the various dates and times available. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a QR Code for each ICP’s Alien Probe Adventure ordered. Then, while at the Gathering, go to the Info Tent 15 minutes before your scheduled date and time for your ICP’s Alien Probe Adventure, with a printed copy of your QR code (or simply show the QR code on your phone) and you will be able to pick up your gift bag. Afterward, you will be escorted backstage for a quick meet-n-greet with ICP. Make sure to keep your Alien Probe Adventure Laminated Pass with you, as this will act as your ticket. Also, keep in mind that you will still need to purchase a GOTJ ticket to get into the grounds and that it is very important that you do not share your QR code(s) with anyone else; especially online. All sales are final. Please be mindful to not miss your boarding time, as no refunds will be given.