Please note that the Big Balla Campsites have been moved from previous years to help us quickly establish power to these sites.  With the purchase of a Big Balla Campsite (20 & 30 amp) you are endowed with a super pimp 20’ x 50’ campsite located on flat ground made of gravel, close to the 2nd Stage.  They have individual electricity outlets featuring one 20 & 30-amp for RV hookups, however there is no running water.

The Big Balla Campsite also allows you to park one vehicle of RV size (no 18 wheelers) or smaller (with or without a trailer) at your site where it must stay until the Gathering ends. Any additional vehicles parked on your site will require their own Car Pass and must fit in your designated and marked out area. Keep in mind that you may also put multiple tents on your site as long as they also fit and follow camping rules. Each Big Balla Campsite will be assigned by GOTJ staff as you enter (you will not get to choose your site). If you want to have a Big Balla Campsite adjacent to a friend’s Big Balla Campsite, then you will need to make sure both vehicles enter the park together.

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a QR Code for each Big Balla Campsite ordered. You can then either print a copy of your QR Code(s) to be redeemed at the Gathering box office or simply show the QR code(s) on your phone. It is very important that you do not share your QR code(s) with anyone else; especially online.

When you do redeem each Big Ball Campsite at the box office you will then be presented a sticker, which you will need to stick to the outside of your driver’s side windshield and should not be removed at any time. It is good for the entire duration of the festival starting Wednesday August 14th (at 8 a.m.) until Sunday August 18th (at noon). All sales are final. Under no circumstances will a replacement Big Balla Campsite sticker be issued for any that has been damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Finally, vehicles with Big Balla Campsite stickers will be allowed to enter the Gathering grounds first, starting on Tuesday Aug 13th at 6pm. Only vehicles with Big Balla or Little Balla Campsite stickers and their passengers will be allowed to enter at this time.  Keep in mind that all passengers of these vehicles must also have GOTJ wristbands to enter and they must remain inside the vehicle while it’s moving (sitting on top of the vehicle or trailer will not be allowed). If there are others who plan on staying at your Big Balla Campsite, then they will have to wait until everyone else is let in.

**Disclaimer: Big Baller passes are limited to 1 per order.

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