The Hatchet Man Project

Six lost souls, each possessed by one of the first six Joker's Cards, were chosen to reinterpret the twisted hymns of the Dark Carnival with their own brand of metal! Bringing a new generation of Juggalos into the fold, they have hidden their identity to not distract from their messages with the hideousness hidden beneath their masks. Each member grows more disfigured as the Gathering approaches and the spirits of the Dark Carnival consume their souls! Smog fills the air; painted faces crawl out from the sewers pouring into the streets of Detroit seeking to follow them to the gates of Shangri-La. Their mission: To win the hearts and minds of Juggalos proving they are worthy of the Dark Carnival. Their transformation complete, the time approaches! Come be a part of the spectacle! Witness the birth of…THE HATCHET MAN PROJECT!