With the necromantic spells spoken by the eminent Great Milenko, we call from out of the past one of the most spellbinding performances in Juggalo history! For one night only, what is dead and buried is made once again new and fresh for The Gathering resurrection of Insane Clown Posse's House of Horrors Show! Back in 1998, some of y'all's moms were out on dates, but that's the year ICP had their prominent clown shoes firmly on the neck of a nation with The House of Horrors Tour! In true Motown fashion, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope geared up and hit the road with that certified Detroit Wicked Shit, in a keystone moment that introduced the theatrics of Shock Rock into the Hip-Hop sphere! If you missed it you're either soft as a biscuit, or you weren't even born yet! We don't give a fuck! It's a blood-soaked orgy of Faygo and corpses when we bring this resident evil back from the dead, one night only, Gathering-style! So welcome to... y'all know the rest!