Juggalo Parties

Prince Was a Purple Juggalo Party

With Violent J, Rude Boy, and DJ Carlito

Wednesday Night: Midnight–4am

Prince: singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, record producer, actor, director, one of the best-selling artists of all time, and…Purple Juggalo. It’s time to party like it’s 1999 and dance in the purple grape Faygo rain as your hosts Violent J, Rude Boy, and DJ Carlito take you on a magical journey of sight, sound, and provocative hip thrusts! Featuring a super mashup of your favorite Prince and Michael Jackson songs (some even mixed with rare ICP jams)! Get ready for the sky to turn purple, ninjas running everywhere, and performances by dope impersonators, all while you Beat It with excitement in a corner. Come dressed in a purple hookup if you want a chance to win a dope prize! The Duke himself presents to you…Prince like you’ve never seen him before–Purple Juggalos get ready to represent!

The Juggalo Yacht Club Wine Mixer

With DJ Clay, Lyte, Big Zane, Scottie D, and the JYC

Thursday Night: Midnight–4am

After you’ve taken a trip to Hell’s Pit at the Big Top stage, feel free to dock your boat at the Funhouse and join your hosts the Juggalo Yacht Club for the 2nd annual JYC Wine mixer—a party that’s gonna blow last year’s out of the water!!! On the 1’s and 2’s is Juggalo favorite DJ Clay, with a performance from the Psychopathic Monstar himself, Lyte, and other special guests! We’ve got the Faygo chugging contest, our “How low can you Juggalo?” limbo contest, and Big Zane’s bikini contest ($100 cash prize) with guest judges, plus some new flavor sure to blow your wig back. The music will be bumpin, the grill will be sizzlin’, and party favors will be in the mix just like last year! Pinkies UP! And cheers to the classiest Juggalo party the world has ever known. You are cordially invited—Hope to see you all there!


Reno Rydaz Ridiculously Random Midnight Midway Masquerade Madness Party

With the Reno Rydaz

Friday Night: Midnight–4am

The Reno Rydaz are back in full effect and ready to take you to the carnivalesque world of the midnight midway! Ain’t no party like a Reno Rydaz party! Let the Southwest’s most notorious Juggalo crew show you how they do in the deserts of Nevada where nothing else matta! Mysteriously mingle, get wrecked with the legendary Mighty Death Punch, play Juggalo midway games, participate in Juggalo karaoke, roll the giant die to win random prizes, and witness random acts of musical madness with your hosts the Reno Rydaz at a midnight party so ridiculous it can only be experienced in the Funhouse at the Gathering of the Juggalos!


Rude Boy and DJ Carlito’s OG Juggalo Jam

With a Bevy of the Juggalette Hotties

Saturday Night: Midnight–4am

The ultimate party that popped off last year (and is still talked about to this day) is back in full fuckin’ effect! So many twerkin hotties, so much bass, so full of chaos, and so few inhibitions. It’s without question the best way, the only way, to bring the GOTJ to its climatic conclusion…with a resounding bass driven BOOM! Join your host, homie, and Son of Southwest Rude Boy as he teams up once again with the King of the Old School DJ Carlito to bring the earth-shaking noise like one else. They are the ultimate entertainers, joined on stage with the hottest Juggalettes in a perfect super fueled mixture to ignite the senses! And no doubt, as the final party of the GOTJ, you know special guests are about to be hittin’ the stage. It’s the last night of GOTJ, and we goin out bringin’ the noise! Fuck yo sleep!

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