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JCW Wonder Women 20

JCW’s Wonder Women of Wrestling

JCW Presents a night of legendary Amazonian warriors squaring off in a battle of epic proportions! See incredible talent. Dazzling beauty. Amazing acrobatics and devastating feats of strength. When these wonder women step into the ring, get ready to be amazed and bear witness to a pure spectacle! These beauties are at large, in charge, and here to kick ass and take names. Don’t let their scintillating, sexy ways fool you—high-flying aerial assaults and straight up street-cred-worthy beat downs are about to go down. It’s JCW’s Wonder Women of Wrestling!

JCW Superheroes 20

JCW’s Superheroes of Wrestling

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a leg drop dead across your chest with the impact of a thousand-pound safe. Splaaaaaaahhhh! High-intensity, high-flying, and super live! Get ready for a show like no other, because JCW is about to bring some talent like you would not believe, performing high-level daredevil tactics as they bring the pain! JCW presents…The Super Heroes of Wrestling! With feats so amazing and sensational, you’ll swear these incredible marvels of the wrestling world are straight up out of this world. Prepare to witness super human feats of strength that can only be described as otherworldly. The JCW Super Heroes are here to save the day!

JCW Soopamania 20


The Gathering of the Juggalos is celebrating its 20th anniversary! And on this epic occasion, JCW is pulling out all the stops for its annual grand finale wrestling super show—a celebration the likes of which we have never seen. Get ready for epic battles, incredible stunts, and nonstop action. We’re talkin’ about none other than…JCW’s SOOPAMANIA! Soopa talent! Soopa matches! Soopa rivalries! The Soopa showdown is about to go down, and the onslaught of devastation will be unleashed as JCW commemorates this historic event as only JCW can. Bring the carnage, bring the pain! This is Juggalo Championship Wrestling, muthafackoo! Get ready for historic matches and legendary battles. Welcome to….SOOPAMANIA!

JCW Soopamania 20

Soopamania Halftime Performance by Motown Rage

Ninjas and Ninjettes amazed by the greatest wrestling show of all time, Soopamania–Need a break from all the blood, broken bones, and general carnage of JCW? Wanna mellow out with some adult contemporary? Some smooth jazz perhaps? Too bad, bitch! This is JCW presents the Soopamania Halftime Show featuring Motown Rage! At Soopamania, the only break from the action is more action, as Razor Ray and his crew of hooligans hit the stage to shred into microphones the way a barbed wire bat shreds into the supple forehead of some poor young jobber! Only at Soopamania!