Bigtop Stage Lineup

Anybody Killa

A brisk wind flows through the dark woods as thunder clouds flickering with lightning churn overhead. In the distance, the bale of a lone wolf seems ethereal, as if emanating from another plan of existence. He moves quietly, embodying his totem animal spirits that empower his sight, strength, and agility. He grips his hatchet in hand as he coolly eyes his prey, who stands unaware of his presence. Then suddenly he strikes with the ferocity of a bear, shredding his target with ease, as yet another MC falls at the native warrior’s feet. Like a ghost, he vanishes back into the brush with but a whisper as the wolf once again gives a low howl, as if in recognition of a worthy kill.

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Big Hoodoo

From the void of shadows on a cold moonless night, he emerges like an arcane phantom with vile energy pulsating from his clutched fingers. His eyes glow with crimson fury that leave dissipating trails of red mist as he quickly floats toward you. As an otherworldly chill seems to ebb at your life, you attempt to run but realize you are completely immobilized, not even able to open your mouth to scream. Come take a horrific journey with Psychopathic’s own master voodoo practitioner, into a world of, terror, necromancy, and the occult as you fall into a musically induced trance brought on by earth-shaking bass and pure magic!

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DJ Clay

When the bassline hits the crowd causing eyeglasses to shatter, clothes to shred off, and trees to sway in the distance, you know it must be this sick Psychopathic DJ shredding the turntables once again. As the crowd soon begins to mosh in a euphoric bass-driven dream, your sanity will begin to unravel like a born-again Christian who accidently walked into a Flint town tittie bar. Get ready for a spectacular light show as glowsticks fly, big butts bounce, and the decibel level blows the roof off the stage! This is music taken to a whole new creative level of freshness that will caresses your earlobes, slap you in the face, and tickle your nutsack all at the same time!

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Insane Clown Posse

For more than 25 years the rap duo of ICP have been holding the underground down with some of the most creative music, tours, and shows to have ever graced the planet. With over 18 trillion records sold, they continue to redefine themselves every year as they school it to levels never seen before. From Gatherings, to gaming cons, to music videos, to movies, to video games, to TV shows, to wrestling, they seem to have done it all. Together with our Family they even marched at the National Mall in a beautiful display of fellowship, family, and love to stand united against the oppressors of the world. Now they are here to rock the stage in the final climatic conclusion in the only way the Gathering could come to a close, which is with the same ninjas who were there at the very start of it all…the Insane Clown Posse!

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Insane Clown Posse – The Wraith: Hells Pit

This final chapter of the first six Joker’s Cards marks one of the darkest, most sinister horrorcore albums ever created by ICP. It stands as a favorite amongst Juggalos due to its graphic glimpse into the very heart of hell itself. Join ICP as they give their first ever live performance of this entire album, which will cover such Juggalo classics as Suicide Hotline, Bowling Balls, C.P.K.s, and Truly Alone. This show will also feature pyrotechnics on a grand scale as the gates of hell are opened wide to release the demons that reside within us all! If you dare witness this gruesome spectacle, then get ready to take a ride through the Echoside as you witness a truly once in a lifetime historic performance!

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From where the streets are paved with blood comes a Psychopathic artist with a legacy of possessing a flow that is comparable to the greatest MCs of our time. He is battle born and Gathering bound, with a skill that has earned him a place as a king of the underground but who remains humble and deeply aligned with his Juggalo Family as he raises the hatchet on high! You have seen him in a slew of dope videos, no doubt felt the RUSSSSSH when his Psychopathic Monstar EP dropped and hit the Juggalo world in full-on attack mode, and now you can see him live as you find out why he is known to have a stage show that always brings the crowd to the brink of madness and beyond! So, from the darkness, let us enter into…the Lyte!

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Ouija Macc

… “HELLO” … The planchette slides across the board as effortless as a breeze, guided by whispering spirits of the dead. Ask what questions you may. Is he Psychopathic’s newest artist? … “YES” … Is he making his debut performance at the Gathering this year? … “T.R.U.E. … D.A.T.” … Is he going to destroy the stage with wicked Psy-trap music delivered over dope beats that will blow our wigs into a trillion pieces? …. “M.O.S.T… D.E.F… S.O.N.” … Is his new album Gutter Water going to kill it in the game? … “F.O. … S.H.O.” … What’s his name? … “O.U.I.J.A. … M.A.C.C. … B.I.T.C.H.” … When is his next…? … “N.U.F.F. … S.A.I.D.” … What? Why you interrupt me? … “GOODBYE” …

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