Get ready to take a strange trip into the dream world where wishes will indeed come true! Throughout ICP’s career, Juggalos have been requesting songs for them to perform live and as fate would have it, some of these iconic songs have never hit the stage. It’s one thing to hear these dope tracks on a polished album and another thing to hear them fall from the lips of the Wicked Clowns themselves in all its bass-driven glory! Well now here it is! A unique performance of the dopest kind! For one show only, ICP will put on a concert composed of songs they have NEVER PERFORMED LIVE! For this epic show you will hear many treasured songs in concert for the first time and then like a fading dream you will probably never hear them again. This show is the essence of flavor that is…the Gathering of Dreams! Come witness this legendary event and then relive it in your dreams for the rest of your days.
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Insane Clown Posse

They have accomplished more than most could ever dream about. The gold and platinum plaques adorning the walls of the label they have created is a testament to all the dope music they have put out over the years. They have filmed their own movies, created their own wrestling organization, wrestled on the biggest promotions on the planet, been the hosts of their own TV show, created their own online variety show and so much more! Others aspire to obtain even a portion of the legacy they have built. However they always fall short, because ICP’s success would never have been possible if it weren’t for the army Juggalos who have been by their side. From the Juggalo March on Washington, to being scorned by the outside world…again and again…as a family, all of us have endured every hardship together…and came out on top! ICP and the Juggalos have managed to create something the world has never seen and together we continue to innovate new flavor every year. ICP’s performance has always been the climatic conclusion of every Gathering . What better way to end it , than with those who started it all… ICP and the Juggalos… let the Faygo fly!
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Ouija Macc

After his monumental headline set at last year’s GOTJ, Ouija Macc hasn’t stopped shredding for a second. Prophets of the Dark Carnival don’t come along every day… but this Juggalo has clearly been chosen. Never before have we seen a vessel for the WICKED SHIT this perfectly calibrated to utterly obliterate wigs while simultaneously filling Juggalo hearts with love & inciting full scale mosh-riots. GATHER THE ELEMENTS! TRASHFIRE BLAZING! GUTTERWATER DRIPPING! WASTELAND WALKING! AND NOW WE SHALL ALL HIT THE BREEZE WITH IT! THE 4TH ELEMENT, ** STALEWIND ** IS UPON US! Many Juggalos have reported being visited by Ouija Macc in their dreams. His visit at THE GATHERING OF DREAMS will be hard to wake up from, and impossible to forget. Come hydrated and bring the rage! Surviving a Ouija Macc mosh pit is a right of passage. Do you have what it takes, Fuck Nuts? We'll see!

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