Clown Drip Stage

DJ Clay

DJ Clay all muthafuckin day! The wheels of steel will turn with lightning fast accuracy and speed, spitting out thunderous sounds that pound…BOOM! Can you feel that? A rumbling emerges from the underground as the devastating, legendary Juggalo DJ extraordinaire and dope MC himself hits the stage! From Let ’em Bleed to Book of the Wicked to The Sideways Room to Fuck the Fuck Off Motherfucker, get ready for bangers that knock from that homie–the one, the only–DJ Cleeeezaaaay!

Inner City Posse

Posse up! Oh shit! Get ready for the old school freshness quick to leave your wig split and flipped 180 degrees and back again as we take you way back to the origins, the original, the old school freshness of… The Dog Beats! Join Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Tre Lb as they present a very special performance of the old-school flavor and freshness that started it all, with a performance of the Dog Beats in its entirety! Hailing from Southwest Detroit, where the street gangs are strong and the hard knocks are slapped upside your face in every song! This performance is dedicated in loving memory of the third clown, John Kickjazz, as his brothers hold it down in his memory and drop the street thug shit as only the Inner City Posse knows how. Let’s take it back to where it all started! Psychopathic Records is 30 years strong and the Inner City Posse still got the Dog Beats–ICP! We got the Dog Beats! Woof!