Clown Drip Stage


Blahzay Roze

Don’t let her beauty fool you—Blahzay Roze is equal parts flower and thorns! Bringing the wicked shit with a side of in-your-face controversy, this artist brings her uncompromising energy to the stage to start the late-night party off right at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Blahzay Roze is on Stage Clowndrip! Team Becky is in the building!

Dayton Family

Flint, Michigan, represent to the fullest! Straight out of Dope Dayton Ave, the trifecta of legendary MCs Bootleg, Shoestring, and Backstabba bring you the raw, gritty sounds of ghetto survival and the real story of the struggle and hustle of life on the streets. With over two decades in the rap game, a heavyweight discography, and true O.G. status, the legendary Dayton Family stands strong to represent with the Juggalo Family. Crack a forty ounce and nod your head to these street bangers, pumpin’ straight out the speakers into your ear holes. Real Gs know what time it is—fuck bein’ indicted!

DJ Clay

DJ Clay all muthafuckin day! The wheels of steel will turn with lightning fast accuracy and speed, spitting out thunderous sounds that pound…BOOM! Can you feel that? A rumbling emerges from the underground as the devastating, legendary Juggalo DJ extraordinaire and dope MC himself hits the stage! From Let ’em Bleed to Book of the Wicked to The Sideways Room to Fuck the Fuck Off Motherfucker, get ready for bangers that knock from that homie–the one, the only–DJ Cleeeezaaaay!

Inner City Posse

Posse up! Oh shit! Get ready for the old school freshness quick to leave your wig split and flipped 180 degrees and back again as we take you way back to the origins, the original, the old school freshness of… The Dog Beats! Join Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Tre Lb as they present a very special performance of the old-school flavor and freshness that started it all, with a performance of the Dog Beats in its entirety! Hailing from Southwest Detroit, where the street gangs are strong and the hard knocks are slapped upside your face in every song! This performance is dedicated in loving memory of the third clown, John Kickjazz, as his brothers hold it down in his memory and drop the street thug shit as only the Inner City Posse knows how. Let’s take it back to where it all started! Psychopathic Records is 30 years strong and the Inner City Posse still got the Dog Beats–ICP! We got the Dog Beats! Woof!


You know him from rocking stages with The Wicked Clowns going back to Milenko Era, and his hard-hitting Bronx style is a throwback for classic hip hop heads. With an insurmountable stage presence, he’s a murderer of beats (and perhaps other things, but our lawyers have advised us against speculating on that). We’re talking about Twin Gatz himself. The Spanish Side Psycho. Myzery is up on Stage Clowndrip!

Project Born

All hail the originators! The first-ever group to sign to Psychopathic Records under the Insane Clown Posse, the homies Project Born are here to take us back to where it all started, since day one, representin the Hatchet to the fullest! Coming out of Flint, MI, the PJB assassins are on the attack to murk any opps who up in the mix trying to fuck with the Juggalo Family. We go way back, with mad loyalty and Clown Love for our homies, our day-1 A1, rockin’ the party right and getting the Fam hype on the Clowndrip tip. PJB is in the haaauuuuugggghhhhhh!

Shaggy The Airhead

What else can be said about a force that rises up from the underground with such raw and impeccable, undeniable talent? This artist has been called a musical genius, a master of the mix, a beat-maker who has been shaping the sound of the underground with his work alongside Psychopathic Records’ best of the best. Some think of him as the future—an up-and-coming superproducer and major force—making his Gathering debut on Stage Clowndrip. Juggalo Family please welcome to the stage the man behind the music and your maestro and master of ceremonies…It’s Shaggy the Motherfuckin Airhead, late night on that Clowndrip tip! Don’t miss one of the most highly anticipated debuts of the Gathering! The Airhead is here to make you bounce! It’s a Juggalo Party up in this piece!

V Sinizter

Psychopathic Records alumnus and underground force V Sinizter took home the title of Top MC of 2002, right here at the Gathering of the Juggalos! Sinizter was signed to Psychopathic Records and released an EP the following year. Since then, Vinny Sin has delivered a series of consistently dope albums and releases over the course of a 17-year legacy in the Juggalo World, delivering the wicked shit, dope flows, and incredible storytelling and lyricism that set him a cut above the rest. This is the definition of an artist and a true MC, with talent and Juggalo roots that run deep. The Gathering of the Juggalos welcomes home our very own…Give a whoop whoop to the big homie…V Sinizter is on that CLOWNDRIIIIIPPPP!


Cody Manson

Derrty Shirt

Double Homicide



Hex Rated


Isolated Beingz

Jakk Faust

J Biz R

J Payne

Klokwerk E

Knowledge Da MC

La Purp

Open Minded


Rogues Gallery



Side Weighs



Tierre Diaz

Wiked Wood

Whiskey N Water