Bedlam Stage

Big Hoodoo

Witness the mystical smoke from the voodoo cauldron rise, as the necrotic drums pound to a rhythm of madness spawned from occult voodoo magic emanating from a shadow world. The Jinx is the embodiment of the wicked shit, who has become an icon in the Juggalo world through a legacy of producing music that inspires the spirits of darkness to dance between the realms of the living and the dead. You have seen this Psychopathic artist around the world, you have been uplifted by his powerful music, and now you will see him perform all his favorites live on stage as his music lures you into a hypnotic state where your spirit will seem to transcend your body to take flight on a current of necrotic-infused dark rhythms where you will experience a world that mortal eyes were never meant to see, let alone experience!

ICP’s Bizaar/Bizzar Show

The Pendulum’s blade moves swiftly in one direction. The promise of its return is as certain and indomitable a force as time itself. Juggalos, the Gathering is honored to present to you a live celebration of Insane Clown Posse’s groundbreaking Double LP, Bizaar / Bizzar! The power of this album is not lost on The Wicked Clowns, and they plan on throttling you right back to this legendary era in an explosion of Faygo, madness, and your favorite cuts from BOTH albums! It’s an evening that promises to be like Doc Brown parallel parking a DeLorean on your head before peeling your wig back to a time of JNCO Jeans and the Y2K end of the world theory. This has been the most anticipated and requested show of our time, and now it’s finally here! So, without further ado, we present to you the extraordinarily weird spectacle of…ICP’s Bizaar / Bizzar show!

Insane Clown Posse

Prepare for utter and total devastation as the beat drops and the curtain falls, revealing the ones who time and time again deliver a performance that is like a 50-million-ton hydrogen bomb of total freshness exploding on your dome piece. Tapping into the love of the Juggalo world, these two are empowered to bring you music that is unlike anything else on the planet. They are living legends whose performance is worthy of the final climactic performance at the Gathering that will be nothing less than a spectacle of epic proportions. So, get ready to witness a cascading kaleidoscope of Faygo flavors spraying high into the night sky amid a raining storm of confetti! Send in the Clowns!!!

Ouija Macc

Dirtbags assemble as the epic journey continues! Bear witness to the mighty Gutter God, the underground sensation who has quickly become an icon in the Juggalo World, as he calls upon the legions of the fallen to join him in his perilous quest to gather the four elements and restore balance in the face of impending doom—an infinite evil known only as Darcc Planet! Like ominous rolling clouds building for a cataclysmic storm, the Future of the Wicced shit has arrived in all his glorious thunder, as he continually ascends into the stratosphere—the Gary Way, biooooootch!