Bedlam Stage

Big Hoodoo

Witness the mystical smoke from the voodoo cauldron rise, as the necrotic drums pound to a rhythm of madness spawned from occult voodoo magic emanating from a shadow world. The Jinx is the embodiment of the wicked shit, who has become an icon in the Juggalo world through a legacy of producing music that inspires the spirits of darkness to dance between the realms of the living and the dead. You have seen this Psychopathic artist around the world, you have been uplifted by his powerful music, and now you will see him perform all his favorites live on stage as his music lures you into a hypnotic state where your spirit will seem to transcend your body to take flight on a current of necrotic-infused dark rhythms where you will experience a world that mortal eyes were never meant to see, let alone experience!

Chris Hansen

Have a seat, beeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyotch! Friday night is popping off at the Gathering of the Juggalos with your Bedlam Stage host—the one, the only, the epic…Chris Hansen! We’re about to Catch A Predator up in this piece with the main man himself on the mic, getting’ live with the Juggalo Family! DOPE!!! Predators beware—you don’t stand no fucking chance when Chris Hansen is in the house with the Juggalo Family! Give it up for the triple O.G., catching predators and running with the hatchet! Friday night—only at the Gathering!

Danny Brown

Oh snap! Detroit is representin to the fullest as this hometown hero bosses up on the stage to rep for Detroit’s own Wicked Clownz. D-Town stand up! Detroit forever! The Gathering of the Juggalos gives a very warm welcome to our homie and hip hop legend Danny Brown as he gears up to put it down for the Juggalo Family! Throw your hands up in the sky, pour up that drink, spark it, and get loose, because the party is reaching its pinnacle on the Grand Finale Saturday night of the Gathering. We saved the best for last, y’all! Give it up for the one, the only, the infamous…Danny Brown’s in the muthafuckin house!

DJ Paul

Mafia! Mafia! Mafia! This underground king is ready to tear up the stage for the Dirty South! A legend, an icon, an innovator, and one of the dopest in the game. A Gathering legend and Psychopathic Records homie for life, GOTJ proudly welcomes the one they call King of Memphis, whose hip hop empire has spanned innumerable albums, super groups, club bangers, dirty dirty South jams to wile out to, and so much more in store. From his work with Hypnotize Minds on up to the present day as he continues to build a legacy unmatched, we present to you the one…the only…DJ Paul KOM!


The Gathering of the Juggalos continues its hallowed tradition of creating a platform for the underground, where raw, unsigned, and undeniable talent can grace the stage and stake a claim, daring to hold it down with an undeniably fresh and unique sound. The Gathering and the Juggalo Family proudly welcome to the Bedlam Stage the undeniable talent of up-and-coming rap group FREEWILL. The choice is yours: Nod your head, wave your hands in the air, or jump in and get lit in the pit, because when FREEWILL hits the stage, anything is possible! It’s the grand finale Saturday night of the 2021 Gathering, and you know the Bedlam is just getting started! FREEWILL is here to rock the party right for the Fam-uh-leeee!

ICP’s Bizaar/Bizzar Show

The Pendulum’s blade moves swiftly in one direction. The promise of its return is as certain and indomitable a force as time itself. Juggalos, the Gathering is honored to present to you a live celebration of Insane Clown Posse’s groundbreaking Double LP, Bizaar / Bizzar! The power of this album is not lost on The Wicked Clowns, and they plan on throttling you right back to this legendary era in an explosion of Faygo, madness, and your favorite cuts from BOTH albums! It’s an evening that promises to be like Doc Brown parallel parking a DeLorean on your head before peeling your wig back to a time of JNCO Jeans and the Y2K end of the world theory. This has been the most anticipated and requested show of our time, and now it’s finally here! So, without further ado, we present to you the extraordinarily weird spectacle of…ICP’s Bizaar / Bizzar show!

Insane Clown Posse

Prepare for utter and total devastation as the beat drops and the curtain falls, revealing the ones who time and time again deliver a performance that is like a 50-million-ton hydrogen bomb of total freshness exploding on your dome piece. Tapping into the love of the Juggalo world, these two are empowered to bring you music that is unlike anything else on the planet. They are living legends whose performance is worthy of the final climactic performance at the Gathering that will be nothing less than a spectacle of epic proportions. So, get ready to witness a cascading kaleidoscope of Faygo flavors spraying high into the night sky amid a raining storm of confetti! Send in the Clowns!!!

Kid N Play

Old school hip hop ninjas, where you at? The time has come to pay homage to the originators, to the Old School, to the ones who paved the way! This next act comes with a style as unique as the flavor they bring to the stage as true, certified, and official hip hop royalty! Join Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records in welcoming to the stage true legends, icons, and dope MCs Kid n Play! We are about to take it ALLLL the way back! To a time when hip hop was extra funky fresh. Breakdance in the pit if you feel it, because the Juggalo Family is ready to party. Kid n Play is in the house! This is it, Juggalos! LEGENDARY!

King 810

The earth rumbles and sounds begin to quake from an uprising from the underground. The pure, hard-hitting, raw adrenaline begins to pump as a wave of sound booms forth, obliterating all else in its wake. And then…it hits you. Get slapped upside the dome piece with pure metal, crushing riffs, pounding drums, and earth-shattering vocals as the out-of-control and off-the-wall Kings of the pit bless the Bedlam Stage with a high-octane performance known to devastate and annihilate. You have been warned! Bow down and all hill the Kings of hardcore, metal, and madness! King 810 is here to start up pit and keep it going! Calling all Real Juggalos to the mosh pit! Whoop whoop!

Lardi B

Rap’s top-selling, quadruple platinum, diamond stripper pole, money-makin queen is…on the hunt for some Wings And Pizza (WAP). You heard correctly! It’s the Gathering of the Juggalos! We don’t have no fancy, classy, plastic, tummy-tucked, top-of-the-line fake models in the mix, but what we can promise you is some REAL shit from the REAL homies. Real recognize real! And the homie Lardi B is a real one! Roll one up, kick back, relax, and feel those munchies as they creep up, because this Queen of comedy and dope hits that flip the script is here to put it down for Juggalos and Juggalettes of all shapes and sizes, X to the X to the XL! Lardi is in the house to rock the party right!

Nascar Aloe

Thrash, kick, stomp, and wile out, because shit is about to get fucking crazy on the Bedlam Stage! Throughout its 21-year history, the Gathering of the Juggalos has showcased to the world some of the craziest, most creative, and freshest new artists in the realm of the underground and hardcore hip hop. In a continuation of this great tradition, Psychopathic Records welcomes innovative underground troublemaker Nascar Aloe to the GOTJ Stage! With crazy beats and a flow that can only be described as a mixture of Sid Vicious, thrash metal, and crunk, Nascar Aloe is here to bring the noise for the Juggalo Family, in a Gathering debut slated to be as epic as it is LOUD. Bump it until yo ears bleed, homie! Get ready for the GOTJ debut performance of the one, the only…Nascar Aloe!

9 Dead

Get ready for Slam and Deathcore straight-up insanity at its finest! East Coast hard hitters 9 Dead make their Gathering debut opening up the 2021 Bedlam Stage and doing justice to the name—total BEDLAM! Proud Juggalos through and through, 9 Dead is here to bring the energy and flavor home to the Juggalo Family that made them, paying it forward with an off-the-hook performance that’s sure to start a muthafuckin pit! As they prepare to release their debut album on Comatose Records, the Dead have just started to rise and consider their GOTJ performance a homecoming—paying homage to the Family that started it all! Catch the Juggalo homies 9 Dead on the Bedlam Stage to welcome us all home to 2021 Gathering of the Juggalos!

Ouija Macc

Dirtbags assemble as the epic journey continues! Bear witness to the mighty Gutter God, the underground sensation who has quickly become an icon in the Juggalo World, as he calls upon the legions of the fallen to join him in his perilous quest to gather the four elements and restore balance in the face of impending doom—an infinite evil known only as Darcc Planet! Like ominous rolling clouds building for a cataclysmic storm, the Future of the Wicced shit has arrived in all his glorious thunder, as he continually ascends into the stratosphere—the Gary Way, biooooootch!

R.A. The Rugged Man

Legends NEVER Die! You might have heard about RA’s epic performances at Gatherings past, some of which were so absolutely insane that his set was almost shut down by the police. “WAIT…WHAT?” You read correctly. Even 5-0 couldn’t stop the lyrical stylings of this hip hop legend, the O.G. Scrub! In an iconic moment that will go down in Gathering history, he grabbed the mic, spit ill flows into a megaphone, whirled the crowd into a frenzy, jumped in the pit, and then smashed a watermelon right into the face of anyone who got in his way! We are talking about the one…the only…the legendary: RA THE RUGGED MAN, ON THE MAIN STAGE OF THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS! Give it up for the homie R.A.! Whoop whoop!

Raven Black

Shadows swarm around you and creep up from behind as a cold chill reaches down your spine and freezes you to the very core. You see the shadow of a menacing figure, a flash of swift movement, and then the sound hits you—a shriek, a piercing bassline, a pounding drumbeat, and slicing guitar! There is no escape, bxtch! Get trapped inside a demented dollhouse of pure metal mayhem with the face-painted fury of Raven Black! The Gathering of the Juggalos gives a welcome salute to undead metal queen Raven and her Reject renegades as they attack the Bedlam Stage on their quest to rise up from the underground and soar! Start a pit as we welcome the homies to the Juggalo Family Reunion!

Rude Boy

What more can be said about an individual, an entity, a force, a HOMIE like this, running with a hatchet since day one! Witness the ultimate master of ceremonies, the JCW innovator and legend, the Son of Southwest, and Psychopathic Records elite-level ninja who’s known to pull out all the stops and put it down on the mic like no other. We can only be talking about…The Rude Boy! Join your host Rude Boy Saturday night on the Bedlam Stage as he presents to you the ultimate grand finale performance of the final night of the Gathering of the Juggalos! Rude Boy’s in the muthafuckin haaaauuuugh!


Iconic, fearless, in your face, legendary, and…naked? With Clown Luv tatted on his skin and a Hatchet in hand, the man himself is here! And if you don’t know what time it is, then you must be a REAL Jackass! Juggalos and Juggalettes–The time has come! We present to you your host, making his Juggalo Gathering debut and going hard for the Fam! STEVE-O is in the hauuuugh! Join your master of ceremonies Steve-O, Thursday night at the Bedlam Stage, as he invites you into a journey into the Bizaar! Welcome home, Steve-O!

Upon A Burning Body

Get ready for a raging style of metal, thrashing sounds that can only be described with one word: DEATHCORE! Now that’s some real Wicked Shit! It’s time to tear the house down as the San Antonio favorites hit the stage and crush the crowd with menacing guitar riffs and vocals that will shake you to your very core and leave you begging for more. Upon a Burning Body is here to take you on a joy ride through the levels of death and torment only experienced by the sickest, the darkest, and the very bravest ninjas who dare to open up their earholes to this pure insanity and unleash the beast. And with tracks like “The Outcast” and “Bring the Rain,” it’s time to throw ya middle fingers in the sky and scream, “Fuck You!” Upon a Burning Body is in the house!!!

Vanilla Ice

What can you say about a man who has sold millions and millions and millions of records, who has become a permanent part of pop culture as part of everything from reality TV to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to home construction to motocross racing to cult classic movies? We say there’s only one man legendary enough to fit that description: Vanilla Fuckin’- Ice! Decades after his gazillion-platinum-selling album “To the Extreme” took hip hop to that very level, Ice is still at the absolute top of his game, headlining the “I Love the ‘90s” Tour in arenas all over the world…and selling out every last damn one of them! In addition to his various top rated reality series, Ice is also a down ass Juggalo and has nothing but mad clown love for his Juggalo family! We are proud as fuck to welcome the main man Vanilla Ice back to the Gathering stage this year!

Whitney Peyton

The infamous underground queen and alpha underdog returns with a vengeance to kick it with the Juggalo Family, for a show filled with dope rhymes as only an East Coast Philly beast can provide. The underdog is loose and ready to attack! She won’t be silenced, so forget a muzzle. Whitney Peyton returns to the Gathering stage to rep for the ladies of the underground! The alpha is here! Underdogs unite, celebrate, and get ready to party! Arooooooooooooooo!


Straight out of Detroit and bringing the noise in the underground, with persistence, grind, and shine, join rising MC and raw Juggalo talent Zitro as he makes his main stage Gathering debut! In 2020, Zitro caught the eye of Psychopathic Records and the Wicked Clownz themselves with his performance in the Juggalo Gong Show on ICP’s Scrubtime Network! Now the STN favorite is back for a Gathering appearance on the Bedlam Stage, representing the underground and kicking off the festivities for the night the right way! This is the Gathering of the Juggalos! And tonight the Juggalo Family proudly welcomes one of our own–a pure talent who is on the rise, on the grind, and shining bright. Get ready for Zitro on the Bedlam Stage!