Thank You Juggalos for Another Epic Gathering!

As the dust has settled back to the concert grounds, the Juggalos who attended the epic Gathering of Dreams have dispersed to their individual corners of The Dirtball. This year’s epically fresh Gathering may have concluded, but The Dark Carnival endures in the hearts and minds of all of us and we encourage you to keep expressing it in your everyday life until we can all meet again.

For 30 years, we at Psychopathic Records watched this Juggalo World grow. The Gathering of Dreams was our opportunity to show the world just how fresh, amazing, talented, and heartfelt this community truly is. Much love to the artists, rappers, DJs, dancers, wrestlers, writers, warriors and every Juggalo who was in attendance! Shoutout to the moms and dads, the coffee servers, the face painters, the ninjas cooking mad snacks, the merch cats flashing all the rare hookups, the workers bustin’ ass, and the performers up on stage…the Gathering would not be what it is without every last one of y’all. Know that you are seen and appreciated. No one is certain what the future holds, but you can put this one on The Hatchet: We will see each other again soon. WHOOP WHOOP!