Shimmer Forest

99 Moore Ln

Springville IN 47462

July 31st (at 8 am) till Aug 4th, 2019 (at Noon)

This is it JUGGALOS! The 20th ANNUAL GATHERING! IT’S ACTUALLY HERE! Like a giant flavor slap across your face—SMACK! Like a fat boot of love to your fragile ball bag— PLOW! The festival highly regarded as “the craziest show on earth” also happens to be the largest family reunion to ever happen…YOURS!!! Thousands upon thousands of JUGGALO HOMIES IN ONE AWESOME PLACE! That may sound scary, but as you know it’s actually the most peaceful, wonderfully surreal experience this side of Shangri-La!  From all walks of life, happy Juggalos hungry for harmony and perhaps a helping of debauchery assemble on Gathering grounds, bonded by a seemingly supernatural love. Together as one, they enjoy concerts, wrestling, comedy, side shows, seminars, contests, rides, exhibitions, and delicious food, all just within the parking lot! And then the real fun happens inside the grounds! For 20 years this incredible festival has flourished with NO corporate sponsorship (worth every unearned dime)! With NO influence from the outside world, the Gathering has remained unique, truly independent, and under the underground. And this year, for the first time ever, the festival finds itself nestled between paradise and tranquility within the cool, shaded, enchanted woods of Shimmer Forest! So let’s celebrate 20 magical years of clown love camaraderie and controlled chaos together. Don’t miss Juggalo history decades in the making, as without question this is the year our unified karmic energies will ascend us into the stratosphere like a rocket-propelled Faygo of frothy freshness!