Juggalo Parties

DJ Clay’s Juggalo Jump-Off

Old-school Juggalos and Juggalettes far and wide know it! It’s true Juggalo flavor with that Southwest Detroit twist to make ya wig flip. Get ready for the infamous, legendary, highly anticipated but never replicated Juggalo Jump-Off, where anything is bound to happen…and it probably will! This is the big one, ninjas! Straight out the studio droppin’ bombs on that instant 2Dope classic F.T.F.O.M.F., Psychopathic Records’ own DJ Clay dons the stage with the wheels of steel, bringing you that extra fresh flavor and dope bangers with enough bass to make the ground shake (along with a few choice body parts). With very special guest appearances all through the night and the Southwest style that always does it up right, join the undisputed mix master himself, DJ Clay, as you enter an infinite plane of party chaos where the only governing law is madness. It’s time for that jump-off! Where the Juggalo Family does it up the best way—the Southwest way! Posse up!

Juggalo Yacht Club presents The Oklahoma Wine Mixer

Cohosts: Lyte, Str8jaket, Sewerside, & Scottie D. Who said that Juggalos ain’t got no class? Pinkies up! It’s the fuckin’ Oklahoma Wine Mixer! That’s right, ninjas—the Juggalo Yacht Club is in full effect, bringing you all the first-class high times, swank, schmoozin’, boozin’, and cruisin’ you can handle. Fellow yacht enthusiasts rejoice! After the fun is done at the Diamond Stage, feel free to dock your boat at the Balla Beach and join the ranks of the high-class, no crass Juggalo Yacht Club for a beach party blowout complete with a bonfire, Lyte and Str8jaket’s bikini contest with special guest judges ($100 prize), a midnight beach volleyball tournament, a Faygo chugging contest, a “How Low Can You Juggalo” limbo contest, free party favors for all guests in attendance, a free s’mores bar and wiener roast, complimentary yacht swag, and anything else you need for this diamond-encrusted, solid gold beach gala! Keep your fuckin’ pinkies up, bitch! Reppin’ them cuff links that beam like 17. Fuckin’ Oklahoma Wine Mixer!


Mike Busey’s Big Thangs & Juicy Poopers Party!

Power tools. Shaving cream. Kiddie pools. Fishnets. Firearms. Thongs. A suspected STD-laden swing set. And giant plumes of fire exploding from a luscious lady’s mouth. BOOM! Get ready to burn down the Madhouse, leaving all your inhibitions smoldering in a pile of ash and strange secretions—all in the name of freedom, fun, and down-home, wholesome American values…USA! USA! Mike Busey & The Busey Beauties are back again to make love to your soul and leave your genitals pulsating! It’s time to let loose and get ratchet with the queens of the extreme and their notorious ringleader, as they bring their one-of-a-kind, XXX-rated circus sideshow to the Gathering grounds via their party bus, hailing from none other than “The Penis State” (where else?)! When the antics are poppin’ off and the party gets live, you might laugh, cry, puke, or watch your sense of decency die—either way, get ready for a show like you’ve never seen before! It’s Mike Busey & the Busey Beauties, Juggalos—cummin’ equipped with them big thangs and juicy poopers! Get ratchet!

Rude Boy’s OG Juggalo Jam with DJ Carlito

Imagine cruisin’ through the barrio with ya posse in the smoothest low-rider, with ya pimp hat low as you peep the scene and the party unfolds. Let the bass knock. Let the whip hop. Then go ’head and rep your set as you scream it out loud: “Whoop Whoop!” Take cover if you can, because Rude Boy and DJ Carlito are about to unleash a napalm strike of explosive bass-driven euphoria upon the unsuspecting crowd! Don’t nobody rock the party like Psychopathic Records’ original Rude Boy and DJ Carlito, the undisputed tag team MC and DJ who rock a Juggalo party right as true masters of their craft. There’s just no way to prepare for what’s about to go down! And with Rudy and Carlito joined by a bevy of the sexiest Wolfpac girls, let’s just say this—there’s a reason we call this spot the Madhouse. It’s the OG Juggalo Jam—prepare yourself, Vato! Because after the grand finale of the Saturday Night Diamond Stage, we bound to keep the party live ’til the sun comes up, spinnin’ all your favorite Juggalo classics with the Rude Boy, DJ Carlito, the Girls of Wolfpac, and some very special guests! Fuck yo sleep!

The Reno Rydaz Midnight Purple Pandemonium Liver Trauma Fowlarama Bring Ya Mama Night Ryda Party

Get ready for mass hysteria and pandemonium with the biggest little Juggalo crew in the world, The Reno Rydaz! Straight outta the west coast, this party is strictly designed for Juggalos by Juggalos. And when the Reno Rydaz Juggalo Family is in the haugh, you know what it’s about! Rep your purple and face off in the legendary game of Fowlarama! Leave your liver lethargic and lobotomized with complimentary Mighty Death Punch! Show off your lyrical prowess and stellar dance moves with Juggalo Karaoke! And witness the Reno Rydaz’s rapping Juggalo homies Enasnimi and Sewerside, with a special purple pandemonium set that is sure to have you rydin’ through the night. If that wasn’t enough, we got MAD PRIZES lined up! Whenever you step up and participate in the festivities, you’ll receive a fresh ass prize ticket to take to the Reno Rydaz Prize Booth to get hooked up with some free fresh swag! With strong drinks, bong tokes, and shots to the dome piece, get ready to kick it Reno Style at this Purple Party, blowin’ up the spot like Ash, Nevada, bitch! Whut!