Juggalo Parties

ABK’s Wake N Bake Bash


Hosted by: Native World Inc.

Warrrrriorrrrrs! Come out to plaaaay! Scrape out that bowl and dig deep in your medicine bag, because the Hatchet Warrior himself, Anybody Killa, is inviting you to greet the sunrise with a dawn peace pipe ritual celebrating the Juggalo Tribe! Wake, bake, and enjoy some free breakfast snacks as you invigorate your warrior spirit to the pounding drums and tribal vibrations of Native World artists Bake Lo, F. Dux, Flagrant, Str8jacket, Mr. Y.U.G., and of course, ABK himself. So grab ya tomahawks, wave ’em high, and begin your day in Shangri-leezay with a resounding battle cry: “Fuck yo sleep!”


Clay vs. Hoppa DJ Battle Party



Hosted by Mike Busey and the Busey Beauties

Best believe that when the bass drops at this party, so will the G-stringed booties! But what goes up at this lifted event doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to come back down. Watch as DJ Clay goes head to head against DJ Hoppa (of Funk Volume fame) as they battle it out on the turn tables in this beat-driven war to the death. Add the fact that Mike Busey will be hosting with his sexy half-naked party girls and you know that shit’s about to go down! Get ready for displays of scratch mastery, gyrating hips, metal grinding, body surfing, crowd moving, titties flashing, and chaotically image016unwholesome fun. Spend more than a few minutes taking in the madness and you’re sure to take off like a human rocket straight up into the stratosphere with your feet on fire like a cartoon character.



Kuma’s Blacklight Bikini Smoke Party


Hosted by Kevin Gill, Triplesix, and her 6 hot friends.  With a Short Solo Set by Shaggy 2 Dope!

An explosion of sights, sounds, and body paint all await you within the smoke-filled tent of this X-rated party! Step through to the other side as you witness the magically glowing crowd all bobbing to DJ Kuma’s electronically fused Juggalo music! Imagine a bevy of sexy bikini clad Juggalettes gleefully smearing florescent body paint all over your skin before you even know what’s happening! Then when you feel yourself slipping away under a euphoric herb inspired haze, there you will find the ultimate party girl Triplesix and her hot friends pulling you back with their hypnotic dance that will keep you transfixed between two pleasurable planes of existences! If that wasn’t enough, there will also be a short solo set performed during the flavor by Shaggy 2-Dope image010himself! This chaotic party of alternate reality has become the unofficial opening celebration to the Gathering each year, and for those that are in the know, they have labeled this an event that is not to be missed!


Rude Boy’s Foam to the Dome Party


Hosted by Nekolette Necro, and the Girls of Wolfpac

Get ready for debauchery taken to a whole new decadent level, provided by your charismatic host for the evening…the Rude Boy! During this bass-driven party, huge foam machines will continually fill the dance floor with cascading bubbly love, all contained within a walled-in area! Dance like Gene Kelly, a duck with a broken wing, or completely naked for that matter, ’cause no one will know the difference. Bringing the dope musical wizardry, straight off the Riddle Box tour, iimage014s your homie DJ Carlito, who will set straight napalm fire to the turntables. All the while the girl Vaseline should pay royalties to, Nekolette Necro, will be joined by the Wolfpac vixens to dance their way into your KY Jelly soaked dreams. In the end what happens below the foam stays there…unless of course it’s still on your hands...eww...