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July 20th thru 23rd - Legend Valley 7585 Kindle Rd, Thornville OH

Gathering News

Juggalo Psypher Live

Last year’s Juggalo Psypher contest was one of the freshest events of any Gathering, with MCs from all across the nation representing their fresh rhyme flows for all to enjoy. In a special performance, all of the winners of last year’s Juggalo Psypher – Gypsy, Frodo the Ghost, G-Mike, Ill Phil, Lower Case J, Sewerside, and Skitzo – will once again deliver their flavor but this time live on the Big Top stage, in honor and memory of Cannibal, one of last year’s participants who gave his life while protecting a mother and her child from a mugger. Don’t miss this chance to see the dope Juggalo Psypher song performed live while paying our respects to our fallen heroic homie Cannibal!  

Breaking News About Gathering 17!

Heads up, Juggalos! We've got some earth-shattering updates about our upcoming family reunion! We are pleased to announce the following artists will be joining us and splitting our wigs at Gathering 17: The underground superstar TECH N9NE! The horrifying, not-for-the-squeamish bloodshed and sick humor of GWAR! The deathcore rattle of SUICIDE SILENCE! The southern fried horrorcore flavor of the one and only BOONDOX! And the father of the wicked shit himself ... ESHAM THE UNHOLY!
Additionally we are pleased to announce that the full lineup for Gathering 17's Pendulum Stage has been posted! Just click on the 'Pendulum Stage' link to see the full roster of underground flavor on tap for this year!
Also you can now see the full list of vendors who will be peddling their wares at the Gathering for your shopping pleasure!
Returning this year -- the oft-imitated but never-duplicated Dark Carnival Tarot Tent! Step inside and see what the Dark Carnival spirits have in store for you!
Finally... stay tuned! The Gathering 17 Informerical, featuring the FULL LINEUP OF FLAVOR, will be dropping VERY SOON!
Whoop whoop!


More Secrets About Gathering 17 Revealed!

Breaking news, Fam! Juggalogathering.com has just been updated with a motherlode of freshly revealed flavor about Gathering 17! So go to the site devoted to the most anticipated Gathering of all time and get schooled about all the Sideshows, Parties, JCW events, Contests, and other flavor that awaits you at Gathering 17! And if you haven't got those tickets and passes yet, you betta check yourself because Gathering 17 promises to be the most epic event in Juggalo history! Whoop whoop!

 The Gathering of all Gatherings has finally come!

This is the one we have all been waiting for….Gathering 17, and tickets are now on sale! Keep in mind that the Big Balla Campsites and Psychopathic All Star Experience tickets go very quickly so don’t sleep on them while you still have the chance. We currently have a few of the confirmed  artists listed under the Big Top and Carousel Stage links, but as you know there are plenty more still to come. Stay posted to this site, as over the course of the next couple months we will be adding all of the performers, competitions, JCW events, Comedians, GOTJ Infomercial, and much more. Of wig flipping significance this year, is the first ever Wizard of the Hood concert, featuring Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope (the Wizard), Monoxide (the Scarecrow), Jamie Madrox (Tin Tizzy), and Blaze (The Lion)! Also at the GOTJ 17 will be the debut of the Into the Echoside Card game designed by Jumpsteady and Louis Simpson, with art provided by none other than Tom Wood! If you go to the Media Assets link you will also find dope GOTJ wallpapers and other art to adorn your social media sites with (more content will be added soon).

As you know, aside from some of the hottest artists on the planet, the Gathering also showcases many up and coming and underground artists each year. If you want to submit a request for consideration, click on the contact’s link. Also, The Juggalo Show podcast which airs live every other Thursday at 9pm at www.psychopathicadio.com , will be running their now infamous Demo Jams contest starting on 11 Feb 2016. This elimination style completion pits song against song each show to determine who will rise to the top to win the grand prize: 2 GOTJ tickets and a nighttime Pendulum stage performance spot!  If you wish to compete, email 3 of your best songs to admin@psychopathicradio.com , along with your artist/group name, phone number, music video link (if any) and all social media links you have. You may also mail in the same information along with a CD / USB Drive to:

Demo Jams Contest

32575 Folsom Road

Farmington Hills MI 48336

If your songs are chosen for the competition, they will be played on air, and then critiqued by the Juggalo Show hosts and Juggalo audience alike. The deadline for these submissions is 1 May 2016.

So come one, come all, to the greatest family reunion and show on earth! Embark on your quest to join your Juggalo family for the Gathering of all Gatherings which is sure to be on an epic scale seldom seen before! If you have never been then join us, as this is the one you truly do not want to miss!


Attila 2016

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Get ready for full-on chaos when this extreme rap metalcore band from Atlanta ignites the stage with a nuclear strike of rage-filled aggression. Unleashing one of the most explosive shows ever seen, they have been known to bring a crowd to a near riot of mosh pit mayhem! There is just no way to describe the intensity of this amazing band until you witness this guitar-shredding, drum-driven spectacle firsthand! Soon their music will send a shockwave of pure energy throughout the Gathering grounds, causing musical destruction on a level never seen before. Prepare yourself for one of the greatest performers at this year’s Gathering…we present to you…ATTILA!