Diamond Stage Lineup


Get ready to jump in and destroy the mosh pit to the head-splitting sounds of murderous guitar riffs, pounding bass and drums, ridiculous stage antics, and lyrics that put the “laughter” in “slaughter”—this is the big one, Juggalos! We are not fucking around. Introducing Psychostick, who will not only have you laughing your ass off but also cracking your head open in the pit. With hard-hitting tracks like “BEER!!,” “Obey the Beard,” and “Do You Want a Taco?,” these Juggalos to the fullest bring all the irreverent and certifiably demented freshness that are sure to land their performance as an instant Gathering classic. Where else are you going to see a moose shredding guitar alongside a giant spikey-haired monster screaming heavy metal lyrics until your ears bleed? There’s a reason these psychos have toured with powerhouses Mushroomhead and Green Jelly…and now they are right here where they belong, with the Family at the 18th Annual GOTJ! Prepare to get Psycho!