Faygo Launching Contest

Turning a simple 2-liter of Faygo into a flying bottle rocket of artificial color and flavor is an art form that Violent J and Shaggy have mastered for years. The question is...Can YOU fire a 2-liter with the same power and precision? Well, you get two attempts to launch a bottle of Faygo from the stage as far as you possibly can, using whatever secret technique you know, from the Five Finger Moon Mist Jab, to the Shake-n-Grape Booster Thumb Trick, to the legendary Rock & Rye Carbonation Colossal Shot Put. Whoever launches the bottle of Faygo the farthest will be crowned King of Faygo for the remainder of Gathering 18! Shake it up, muthafacko!

Prize: Furthest distance—$200 gift certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins (100 competitors max).