Carousel Stage Lineup

Axe Murder Boyz

amb These chopper flow ninja masters from Denver Colorado have come to bring the chaos! Brothers Bonez and Young Wicked have taken the rap game to a whole new level. Were talkin straight out into the stratosphere, propelled on powerful rockets of confident fueled talent. Their performance is sure to get you lifted on blast-off, melting mic, stage and Juggalette heart alike, as wigs get peeled back from the billowing smoke and flame left in their wake. Reppin the axe and hatchet, they have continued to drop dope albums like a countdown to greatness. Their time is now…all systems go... ignition sequence start…cause the wicked music of AMB is one small step for man, one giant leap for Juggalokind!

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Big Hoodoo


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You look in horror as his crimson eyes glow, while a sinister smile plays across his lips. His hands weave arcane, faintly glowing symbols in the air as he utters an ancient dialect in an otherworldly voice. Power builds around him gifted by an evil that lies just beyond the perceptions of our mortal world. Poised over magical runes crudely drawn in caulk he rises from his crotched position as his cloak billows with occult energies wrapping around him. You begin to hear the drums pound in the distance as they take on a rhythmic beat that echoes into the deepest reaches of your mind. As he begins to rap you realize that you are helplessly under the spell of dark forces as the thousands who are all around you begin to bob their heads in euphoric unison. You stand transfixed under the spell of ….the Jinx!


Black Flag Music

Black Flag Music 2016 From the depths of South City St. Louis, MO, home of the crooked cops and riot makers, emerges B-Skan spreading his vocal seed hypnotizing Juggalos everywhere. A spell was cast on a select few to help continue the message that so many have begun to follow. This group of ill-minded lyrical geniuses consists of solo artist B-Skan "The Mastermind", Headshot Louie "The Gate Keeper", a "Deadly" duo known as the Skull Kidz, Buddha "The Poet" & Cj Mac "The Enforcer", and last but not least, a "Twizted" duo of "Assassins" known as the Filthee Benjaminz -Strickt9 and Lossaint. Together as one they all form a super group called "Hyena Gang".



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Dark Lotus

darklotus Jet black eyes without a glint of life silently watch in the dead of a winter’s night. A soft snow falls as five cloaked figures in crimson move across a desolate field with a sound like the distant flutter of a thousand locust wings. They glide with slight, halting movements as if attached to strings controlled by a novice puppeteer. They leave no tracks in their wake while radiating a cold that causes the very air to freeze. Since the beginning of time, these beings have existed as a direct manifestation of the fear, hate, and evil that all men harbor. Always watching, always there, always poisoning the world with their dark influence. They have caused some of the greatest tragedies our world has ever known. If you ever hear the sound of locusts turn away, for if you see them in their physical form, it will be the last sight you will ever have.  



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This legendary Detroit artist can be attributed to the very foundation of horrorcore rap. He has been an influence for some of the most notable rappers alive including Eminem, Kid Rock, Tech N9ne, Twiztid and even the Insane Clown Posse themselves. His sinister style, which he refers to as Acid Rap, caused major controversy when he released such albums as “Boomin' Words from Hell” and “Homie Don’t Play,” which many consider to be satanic rap. Known and respected the world over in the main stream and the deepest underbelly of the music scene, his return is monumental for all Juggalos, because in a real way he sparked the birth of a genre of music that we would all come to know and love. So don’t miss this historical moment to witness one of the most iconic rappers of our time...Esham the Unholy!  

Killjoy Club

Killjoy Club 2016 As the smoke billows around you and surges in every direction, making your path completely indiscernible, you stumble blindly and shake with fear until the unmistakable sound cuts through the fog and pierces you to the very core of your being: Click. Click. Boom! Surpriiiiise! The double-clutch boys themselves hold it down as the infamous super group feared and respected from Memphis all the way back to Detroit Murderous. We’re talking about the kings of the underground: Insane Clown Posse. Young Wicked. And Da Mafia 6ix: Collectively known and feared as The Killjoy Club! Fresh off the streets and out the clink, with a trunk full of ammo, don’t get caught playin’ no Reindeer Games when the Killjoy Club makes their highly anticipated, much requested but never tested grand debut on the Gathering Stage. Jump, bitch!  

Kung Fu Vampire

Kung Fu Vampire 2016

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A cold chill traces your spine slowly as a creeping sense of fear looms heavily, a terror felt but unseen. A figure flashes before you in the shadows, darting so quickly and deft, you question your own faculties, breathless and dazed. Crack! You feel the splintering impact of a kung-fu chop as you fall into the cold, waiting arms of death incarnate. Fangs sink in and drain your vital force, relentlessly, your blood pooling and gushing as you fade to black. And then...the bass hits you. The sick lyrical flows entrance you. The call of the night resurrects you. This is the Kung Fu Vampire experience! The San Jose, California, vocalist and rap phenom himself is dying to sink his teeth into the Juggalo Family and murder the Gathering stage!





Lex the Hex Master

Lex the Hexmaster 2016

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Niiiiinnnnnjjjjjaaaas! It’s time to get LIVE in this muthafucka! Magic Ninja Entertainment’s own premier debut artist bombs the Gathering stage with his cutthroat, murderous rhymes and arcane magic from an ancient time--We’re talkin’ about Lex the Hex Master! Get live with Lex as he flexes his skills on the GOTJ stage for the very first time, bringing the onslaught of the Black Season like only a Magic Ninja can! Do you dare to endure the curse of the Hex master? The Juggalo Family has been warned: When Lex bombs on em, only the REAL ninjas will survive!






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With an unmistakable, devastating lyrical flow and an unparalleled fusion of rock and hip hop sounds, Strange Music’s own ¡Mayday! explodes onto the stage leaving shockwaves echoing through the dazed and soon-to-be crazed crowd. With smooth bass lines, hot beats, live drums, and electrifying guitar riffs, all in the mix with the chopper flow lyrics of Miami emcees Bernz and Wrekonize, prepare for a crash landing—this is not a test! It’s goin’ down when the Strange powerhouse sensation explosively collides and gets live on the Gathering grounds. Boom!




Scare Don’t Fear

Scare Dont Fear 2016

This hip hop / metal powerhouse brings an uncompromising onslaught of bass-driven energy that impacts you like a 100-foot-wide Bruce Lee one inch punch! Then as you try to recover from the waves of pure kinetic energy, their guitar riffs will shred through your cerebral cortex, igniting your adrenal glands to uncontrollable hulk-like excitement. Chris Jungles, Frankie Screamz, Joe Auger, Larry Ohh, and Ryan Gransmaison have formed like Voltron with a blazing sword, as they continue to carve out their niche as one of the fastest growing bands in the music scene! So come check out their ultra-devastating live performance as they inject you with an overdose of pure euphoric chaos!   


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Slick Rick the Ruler

Slick Rick 2016

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La di da di! We like to party! Get ready for the Grammy-nominated, billboard topping, hip hop originator hailed as the most successful British-American rapper in music history and the most sampled hip hop artist of all time. Slick Rick the Ruler is in the house, kickin’ it with fresh-to-death flows filled with off-the-wall storytelling; the craziest punch lines; and hypnotic, melodic, imitated but never duplicated rhymes that will blow your mind. This is it, Juggalos! Prepare yourself for the lyrical stylings of a true hip hop icon. Bow down and recognize the king!




The Dayton Family

Dayton Family 2016 Flint, Michigan, represent to the fullest! Straight out of Dope Dayton Ave, the trifecta of legendary MC’s Bootleg, Shoestring, and Backstabba bring you the raw, gritty sounds of ghetto survival and the real story of the struggle and hustle of life on the streets. With over two decades in the rap game, a heavyweight discography, and true O.G. status, the legendary Dayton Family stands strong to represent with the Juggalo Family. Crack a forty ounce and nod your head to these street bangers, pumpin’ straight out the speakers into your ear holes. Real Gs know what time it is—fuck bein’ indicted!



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Underground Propaganda Squad (UPS)

U.P.S. 2016 UPS!! The Underground Propaganda Squad is a collective of artists and fans that spans the entire planet. These vicious MC’s display a vast array of styles unmatched and unchallenged among the underground. Lo Key, Durte, Redneck Souljers, Alla Xul Ellu (A.X.E.), Sorry Not Sorry (Saint Sinna, Zero, Jenocia X), and H8trid promise to deliver a bloodbath of lyrical mayhem that will inevitably leave only destruction and devastation in its wake.




Whitney Peyton

Whitney Peyton 2016

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Break the frame and smash it into oblivion! Don’t be fooled when the petite form of this beautiful, powerhouse, Grammy-award-winning, dynamite MC from the badlands of Philly graces the stage with an unmatched lyrical prowess and crazy stage presence that is known to leave the crowd devastated, in shock and awe. Fresh off back-to-back nationwide tours, with her loyal Team Underdog at her beckon call, the champion underdog of the underground brings it live and direct to the stage of all stages to hold it down with the sounds that pound. Team Underdog represent!






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Ohhhh shit. You done fucked up now! Are you ready? A spiked bat slaps you upside the head as Nekolette Necro, Kitty Kush, and the sinfully delicious Girls of Wolfpac gyrate and slither to the beat and pounding sounds of wig-splitting bass hitting you from all sides. Stare too long and get blindsided by pit-ready henchmen in full riot gear bent on destruction as the infamous Daddy Long Legz and Buddha rock the mic with the sick and demented anthems you crave. Want to run with the pack? Prepare to get wild, go crazy, lose your shit, and most of all move when the infamous Gathering veterans and Juggalo icons hit the stage. Wolfpac is in the house!




Young Wicked


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Producer, writer, performer, ½ of AMB, the unspoken 6th member of the Killjoy club, singer, pimp, chainsaw juggler, unicycle free stylist, pogo stick stunt master, monster truck driving champion…straight up super ninja! With the release of his debut album Slaughter this Psychopathic Records recording artist has been blownin up the underground scene with his machinegun style of deadly rap flows. He crushes MC’s the way your mom crushes car seats.  He dines on destruction and pulls MILF’s like Fabio.  He is man’s man, who for 14 years captained an Alaskan fishing vessel through typhoons and around icebergs the size of the Rocky Mountains while capturing crabs the size of rhinos and tuna as big as horses. He drinks gasoline and chews rocks to amuse his lumberjack buddies yet can also create pottery from the clay found miles beneath the earth’s core, which he digs out himself using only plastic spoons and sporks. He then donates the pottery to European museums who display them along with other relics of wonder and amazement found around the world. He goes by many names but to the Juggalos he is simply known as….the mighty Young Wicked!