Big Top Stage Lineup

Anybody Killa


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Warriors come out to playyyayaa! The man, the myth, the hatchet warrior…we could only be talking about the Native American legend himself, ABK! Arguably there is no harder working ninja in the rap game. This Psychopathic Records recording artist runs his own label Native World Inc., oversees his own merchandise manufacturing facility, tours all throughout the year, has his own pod cast show, continually puts out music that has captivated the Juggalo world, all the while remaining one of the coolest ninjas you could ever chill with. Recently forming the super group the Hav Knots’, this gifted star is continually on the rise as he continues to shake the very foundation of the Underground music scene. Now get ready to get live for the one…because when he takes the stage all other reality but him, will fade away.  


Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexndria 2016

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Hailing all the way from North Yorkshire, England, comes this heavy metal / metalcore band who has been touring around the world at the largest musical festivals on the planet. They are widely considered to be one of the greatest rock bands of the modern era, with sinisterly dark music that can move one to great extremes of emotion. Each of their albums has seemingly been masterfully woven between the madness of metalcore aggression and that of heavy metal music reminiscent of early rock. Their live shows have gotten nothing but rave reviews as they continually rise to become one of the greatest rock bands of all time. It is with great honor that we present to you the band that has gathered an extreme amount of hype since their announcement at this year’s Gathering…a true legend in the making…Asking Alexandria!  



Attila 2016

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Get ready for full-on chaos when this extreme rap metalcore band from Atlanta ignites the stage with a nuclear strike of rage-filled aggression. Unleashing one of the most explosive shows ever seen, they have been known to bring a crowd to a near riot of mosh pit mayhem! There is just no way to describe the intensity of this amazing band until you witness this guitar-shredding, drum-driven spectacle firsthand! Soon their music will send a shockwave of pure energy throughout the Gathering grounds, causing musical destruction on a level never seen before. Prepare yourself for one of the greatest performers at this year’s Gathering…we present to you…ATTILA!  




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Crawling up from the deepest darkest depths of the underground comes an artist whose music has resonated into our very nightmares. His eyes like pools of death, he moves with but a whisper of sound like the last escape of a dying man’s breath. Not truly human or alive, this ghoulish demonic creature of death incarnate remains one of the most iconic rappers in the Juggaloverse. Imbued by the spirits of the dead, he reaches out once more from beyond the grave to slay the crowd under an onslaught of some of the hardest hitting bangers ever produced. So pour out a little Faygo for your motherfuckin dead homie as you rock with the dead into the afterlife and beyond.  


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs N Harmony 2016

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It’s time to get Thuggish Ruggish with the multiplatinum, chart-topping, Grammy-award-winning original Cleveland pioneers of a fresh hip hop sound that has inspired and influenced the rap game as we know it today. With over 25 million albums sold in the United States alone, make way for the original Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, now with all five original members, reuniting right here with the Family at the Gathering of the Juggalos! Join Bizzy, Layzie, Krayzie, Wish, and Flesh-n-Bone, as they school you with the sick chopper flows and melodic hits that will take you on a journey to the other side and beyond. Throw it up for your homies and bow your head as Bone Thugs holds it down for the fallen and so much more: I’ll see you at the crossroads!  



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This Georgia-born and raised southern horrorcore artist has some of the most terrifying albeit mesmerizing music ever produced. In many ways he has crossed the barbed wired line and back again with songs that can cause ones skin to crawl. His unique southern drawl only adds to his rap flow that has forever solidified him as a staple of the underground music scene. He has dropped some amazing albums throughout the years but his latest release, "Abaddon," is proof that he continually evolves as an artist with a seemingly endless pool of creative talent. Now the scarecrow himself comes once more to destroy the stage. So are you ready for the scarecrow to rise? Are you ready for the ground to shake? Are you ready for your wigs to peel? JUGGALOS, ARE YOU READY?!? Then give it up to your homie…the one…the only…Boondox!  





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Straight off the streets of Kentucky is the Louisville underground juggernaut himself—Bukshot! This ex-gang banger slash ex-convict turned horror-themed face smasher is bringing a whole new level of flavor to the underground music scene! With a combination of gangster-wicked dope beats, to his haunting and neck-cutting deep voice, Bukshot brings a dark and sinister approach to his music. Evil and ego collide as his storytelling abilities come with a wicked twist and his aggressive and harsh delivery paints a whole new perspective of hardcore underground rap music! Not only an artist, Bukshot is also the CEO of one of the longest-running underground labels in the rap game, Mobstyle Music! 



Ces Cru

CES CRU 2016

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From the darkness he emerged upon the stage with the slightest sound, like the whisper of a blade being pulled from a leather sheath. Godemis glared upon his foes as he griped the steel microphone in the folds of his jacket. A sinister smile fell upon his lips as he noticed Ubiquitous join his side, his Strange Music amulet gleaming in the light. Brothers born not of blood but in an alliance forged in the baptism of war and fire. Their verbal mastery had been put to the test countless times by MC’s foolish enough to lay challenge, and never once have they been found wanting. Prepare yourself for the epic, legendary, Strange Music phenoms themselves...the mighty Ces Cru!  



Emmure 2016

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This metalcore / nu metal band from Queens, New York, has had its share of controversy over the years. But then again what real rock band hasn’t? They have garnered an almost cult-like following of fans who can’t get enough of their hardcore, rap, and rock style of brazen, in-your-face music. Franki Palmeri’s honestly brutal and uncompromising lyrics have earned him a deep respect amongst even the most diehard metal heads, and their stage shows have enraptured crowds the world over. It is without further ado we present to you for their first Gathering appearance…Emmure!





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It’s not easy being space barbarians who crash land into Antarctica and then proceed to wreak untold havoc upon the Earth. Did you know, according to GWAR mythos, the first guitar strings ever made were the guts of dinosaurs, which were then strung across the Grand Canyon and strummed? And Beefcake the Almighty, Blothar, Balsac the Jaws of Death and the other frightful members of this ghoulish group heard the sweet sound of music … and saw and heard that it was good. And the rest, as they say, is blood and guts soaked history. Unquestionably one of music’s greatest spectacles, GWAR’s stage show is truly a bucket list item—nothing makes you feel more alive than being splattered with fake blood and viscera while being blasted with the rawest, in-your-face thrash metal ever recorded. GWAR will be at Gathering 17. What more is there to say except…BE THERE!  

Hed PE

Hed PE 2016

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Very few live performances can come even remotely close in comparison to the high-energy devastation of a pit like this: You hear the screech of that first guitar riff, you feel the bass and drums slowly rise into a crescendo, and then the voice of the face-painted renegade himself, Jahred, pierces through the masses, whipping the crowd into an all-out frenzy. We’re talking about Hed muthafuckin’ PE! With their unique blend of gangsta rap, punk, metal, reggae, and insane stage presence, give it up to the crew twenty years in the game spittin’ revolutionary, truth-movement lyrics, faces painted. The Juggalo Family will be in full effect when Hed PE hits the stage, live and ready to represent in a sick pit of unparalleled proportions. It’s true...we all need some Hed!  



Hopsin 2016

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One of the most prolific and talked about artists of our time, this hip hop icon who has recently founded his new label Undercover Prodigy is without question one of the most gifted lyricists ever. Never truly accepted in the mainstream world, his huge underground following spans across the globe, making him nonetheless a household name. He has crafted his successful career by building everything from the ground up, which has earned him a deep respect amongst our Family and his peers. Who better to perform at the 17th annual Gathering of the Juggalos then this titan in the rap game? After all, he remains one of the Juggalo all-time greats!



Insane Clown Posse


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These platinum selling underground horror core artists have crafted their destiny by their own hand. They have created a label that has ruled the underground for decades by putting out some of the most uniquely creative music the world has ever known. Without the aid of radio or music television, they have sold out countless shows, wrestled at Madison Square Garden on WWE, wrote and produced their own gold selling movies, wrote their own bestselling book, helped countless people through charitable donations, created their own wrestling federation, starred in their own TV show, spearheaded the fight for civil rights against the FBI, and launched their own music festival that has been ongoing for 17 years, to name a few of the things they have achieved. All the while they have done it their way, by their hand, as they followed the vision bestowed upon them by the Dark Carnival. Fueled by the love they have for their Juggalo family, they have created something truly original in a world where seemingly everything has been done before. Now they come before you to perform at the Gathering of all Gatherings, to give you the show of all shows, as they embrace their family in a chaotically explosive shower of Faygo, fireworks, light and sound. Not bad for a couple of Floobs.



Jelly Roll

 JellyRoll 2016

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Country rap or the Juggalo world just wouldn’t be the same without this authentic gangster from Nashville producing those bangers that you just need to sip some moonshine to. He is one of the most requested artists for the Gathering each year and brings his own signature smooth and hard-hitting flow that he can truly call his own. He also has the ability to create a colorful picture through his songs that captures the hardships of his life, which most Juggalos can fully relate to. We proudly present to you the man whose shows move a crowd in a way that few ever will…give it up ya’ll….for Jelly Roll!  


Juggalo Psypher Live


Last year’s Juggalo Psypher contest was one of the freshest events of any Gathering, with MCs from all across the nation representing their fresh rhyme flows for all to enjoy. In a special performance, all of the winners of last year’s Juggalo Psypher – Gypsy, Frodo the Ghost, G-Mike, Ill Phil, Lower Case J, Sewerside, and Skitzo – will once again deliver their flavor but this time live on the Big Top stage, in honor and memory of Cannibal, one of last year’s participants who gave his life while protecting a mother and her child from a mugger. Don’t miss this chance to see the dope Juggalo Psypher song performed live while paying our respects to our fallen heroic homie Cannibal! 


Kissing Candice

Kissing Candice 2016

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The music of this horrorcore band is a blood-soaked combination of metal, hardcore, industrial, and electronic devastation! They describe their latest album, Blind Until We Burn, as “a spirited chunk of roughed-up American metal that is an amalgamation of serial killer thriller, dark romance, and witchcraft, woven in a world of hallucinating demons.” Woah. That should give you an idea of just how creatively insane these masters of rock are. They blew Juggalos away during Twiztid’s “Back to Hell—The Darkness” tour and are now here bringing their “new vision of the macabre” by overwhelming demand. So get ready for a music journey into the madness as Kissing Candice takes you to a place of enraptured darkness!     


Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings 2016

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The psychedelic hip hop punk rock Juggalo legends are back to cause the stage to implode, heads to bob, and wigs to peel back. Come get high with Brad X, D-Loc, The Dirtball, Lou Dog, and Mikey Bonez as they light up the stage and their ganja goodies (which are for medicinal purposes only, of course) so that everyone can transcend to a whole new plane of purple haze wonder. So get ready for things to start to get hazy as you intake the live performance provided by some of the dopest underground lyricists who ever graced a mic. Excitement, crowd surfing, toplessness, extreme bass, and a contact buzz are all guaranteed!  


Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte 2016

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Providing some of the most high-energy, smoking tunes with a machine gun style delivery, this Memphis, Tennessee, rapper is one of the most respected talents of our time. Truly an underground artist in every sense of the word, he has achieved everything by grinding daily on the streets with his own independent label Wyte Music. He has even created his own strain of medical cannabis called OG WYTE kush! He needs no introduction, as he is known and loved throughout our Family, so just get ready to be blown back by the lyrical mastery of this dope MC!  


One Eyed Doll


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Join the beautifully deranged Kimberly Freeman and her demented partner Junior as they take you on a macabre journey beyond the rabbit hole and into a sinister world of melodic madness. Combining haunting lyrics that stem from the darkest imaginings ever known with some of the greatest guitar riffs in rock, you will soon be surrounded by a screaming crowd as your last shred of sanity unravels and you realize the screaming is also within your own mind. There is a reason this psychotic duo has captivated such a large following over the years…they provide a decadent allure of horror with an undeniable and terrifying presence.  



Rittz 2016

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To put it plainly, this bad-ass motherfucker is schooling it the rap game to levels seldom seen before! Continually on the rise, he is a tried and true Juggalo favorite who has been selling out shows across the nation. He is one of main reasons why Strange Music has been destroying the underground over the last decade, as one of their most respected and all-time bestselling artists. The best part of it all is that the Juggalos have been there with him every step of the way. So give it up because soon bras will be undone, homies will get lifted, mosh pits will spontaneously combust, bodies will fly, and chants will erupt because no one quite inspires the crowd to chaos the way Rittz does during his unforgettable live performances!  


Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence

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This deathcore band from Riverside, California has one of the most explosive live shows you will ever see. These giants in the metal world have been playing the main stage on many of the largest festivals and tours throughout the world and now bring their wicked brand of extreme entertainment to the Gathering! They have been considered to be offensive, chaotic, loud, and insane and while it’s true they may be all of these things and then some, one thing they are for certain is one of the most gifted deathcore bands you will ever see! Come witness them envelope the crowd with their musical typhoon of lyrical madness laced with guitar shredding mayhem. This will be a moment you will never forget as we bring to you one of the most anticipated highlights of the Gathering this year! Suicide Silence is as mayhem does!  

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne GOTJ17

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Considered by many to be one of the greatest artists of our time, Tech N9ne has earned the upmost respect throughout the years as both a performer and a mogul, partially due to the fact that his company, Strange Music, Inc., literally does all the work themselves starting from the ground up, but mostly because he is a verbal master killer on the mic. All the while his love for the Juggalos is evident by his dedication to return to the Gathering each year to give a heartfelt performance to pay homage to his family that has been there from the start of his amazing career. We know him and love him, as he never fails to amaze us with his live performance that’s worth the price of admission alone. No one brings the flavor like the living legend Tech N9ne and we are proud and honored as fuck that Tech will be celebrating Gathering 17 with us all!  



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From the mouth of madness come the messiahs of horrorcore rap whose music is cut from the ethereal fabric of your darkest nightmares. Theirs is an alien intellect that touches upon the very core of true terror; sculpting ones fears to mirror your own evil that lies within. Masters of a legion of styles they’re true artists who remain titans amongst giants, carnivores amongst cattle and beasts amongst men. Their creative influence has provided the very bricks of the foundation of the underground music scene. With the birth of their own successful label MNE, they continue to expand their dominion beneath its depths. Their very name is synonymous with dopeness, their creativity is ever evolving; and they always remain on the cutting edge of dark entertainment. When they take the stage, be prepared to be taken on a journey of body, mind and soul…rapture and terror. Here is where demons and angels come to dance on the brink of utter lunacy. Here is where reason gives way to reckless abandon as you witness one of the greatest performances of our time… Here are…Twiztid!!!  

Wizard of the Hood

wizard of the hood promo Come take a wondrous journey to the magical land of Oz where the Wizard awaits you to bestow your every wish! Just follow the yellow brick alleyway with your boy Violent J as you start your epic quest. Along the way you will encounter the Munchkin Village, the Cornfield, Horror Forest, and even the Colorful Mushroom Fields, before you finally reach the fabled Wizards Palace! Even though danger abounds at every turn don’t worry, for your friends the Scarecrow, Tin Tizzy, and the Lion will be there to help you. This is the first and only Wizard of the Hood concert featuring all of the songs from the classic EP. It is a once in a lifetime experience to be enjoyed by all. So what will you wish for when you finally take a puff of that Magic Blunt? Homies to smoke with, a gun, neden…or has your wish already come true by being surrounded by your Juggalo family while experiencing this legendary concert at the GOTJ 17?  
Artwork courtesy of Tom Wood. From the
upcoming card game Into The Echoside.
Available at the Gathering